Warning of strong thunderstorms on Sunday:

According to the DWD - Warning Of Strong Thunderstorms In German Weather, these regions are affected.

The German Weather Service warns of storms on Sunday. An official warning was issued for large parts of Franconia.

An official warning of strong thunderstorms on Sunday (August 22, 2021):

The German Weather Service (DWD) issued warnings of strong thunderstorms in large parts of Franconia on Sunday morning. Locally, there could be a life-threatening lightning strike, as the weather service reports.

Occasionally trees could also be uprooted and roofs damaged. The DWD calls on you to pay particular attention to falling branches, roof tiles or objects. During the downpour traffic delays are possible for short periods.

These regions are currently affected by the warning:

While in some regions warnings of severe thunderstorms (warning level 3 of 4) were issued during the night on Sunday, there is an official warning of severe thunderstorms of level two of four in the morning in the following cities and districts of Franconia: 

  1. Haßberge district
  2. City and district of Schweinfurt


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