Evelyn Burdecki It says the TV star for men:

Evelyn Burdecki has been single for a long time. She now tells what a man has to bring with him in order to be able to conquer her heart.

The TV star Evelyn Burdecki (32) is still looking for love. Although she met Domenico de Cicco (38) at "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2018, the couple separated soon after.

The 32-year-old has been single since then - and it doesn't seem like that could change anytime soon. As Burdecki explains to the "Bild" newspaper, she is "already asking herself whether I am perhaps too strenuous? Or why do I not get to know a man for something special?"

At the same time, however, she also tells what qualities a man must have in order for him to be of interest to her at all.

It is very important for them that a potential partner is "down to earth" and has "both feet on the ground". He should also be more intelligent than her because she wants "to be able to learn something from him".

This is what a man should look like:

And what should your dream man look like? He "must have a little tummy," explains Burdecki. She doesn't like muscles or men with washboard abs, "because you can't really eat with them". Love goes through the stomach, she jokes.

As early as the beginning of 2020, Burdecki told "RTL" that she would like to have her egg cells frozen so that they "stay 31 forever and are practically as fresh as a dew when they are used".

A partner for Burdecki must absolutely like children, because as she also said at the time: "I would like to have four to six children since yesterday."

Evelyn Burdecki reveals: That's what she likes for men:

Evelyn Burdecki is still single. Now she has revealed what she likes about men. And their preference is different from what you might imagine.

Hard to believe, but true: Evelyn Burdecki is still single. She doesn't even have too high a standard. She has now revealed what she likes about men.

The blond mane is nicely wavy, its luscious curves are wrapped in an elegant grey dress - and a laugh that is contagious: Evelyn Burdecki was once again very impressive when she demonstrated how beautiful Evelyn Burdecki is at the “Raffaello Summer Dinner” in Berlin on Friday:

The fact that there is a lull when it comes to men at Burdecki is absolutely incomprehensible at this sight - but it is actually the bitter reality.

Since her relationship with Domenico de Cicco, whom she met at “Bachelor in Paradise”, the now 32-year-old has been single. It's been two years in total without a partner by her side.

And even a cheerful person like Burdecki is affected by this fact. “I'm already wondering whether I'm too strenuous?

Or why don't I get to know a man for something special? I just do not understand it, "she said on Friday in an interview with" Bild ".

Evelyn Burdecki: dream man has a "little tummy"

One thing is certain: it is not because of her demands that she cannot find anyone. “He has to be down to earth, but have both feet on the ground,” says Burdecki describing her “Mr Right ".

“And I should be able to learn something from him. My dream man has to be smarter than me. That's important to me. ”Should be feasible.

Anyone who would have thought that optics might play the decisive role in Evelyn Burdecki's single existence is mistaken. Because: “My dream man must have a little tummy.

Muscles are not really my thing ”, she reveals her particular“ preference ”. “I don't even date men with washboard abs, because you can't really go out to eat with them.

Love goes through the stomach. ”So, dear men with a tummy: The train hasn't left yet!


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