Swiss singer Beatrice Egli - Without any warning - nobody saw THAT coming:

Nobody expected this action from Beatrice Egli. The pop singer is now dropping the bomb on the net without any prior notice.

The Swiss woman is heading straight for the release date of her new album “Alles was du needst”. Shortly before her appearance on Florian Silbereisen's live show, Beatrice Egli goes one better.

Beatrice Egli releases new single "Saturday Night" out of nowhere

For Beatrice Egli's fans, it must feel like Christmas. The singer has just released her new single “Alles was du Nadelst”, and she's already knocking out the next hit.

On Friday, Beatrice Egli posted an excerpt from her brand new song “Saturday Night” out of nowhere on Instagram.

In the video clip, the 33-year-old shows herself in a sexy bustier and sings: “Saturday night, this is going to be huge today.

Back to life, here we go again. Saturday night, I want to see you guys again and we'll party until it gets light. Saturday night, today the world belongs to us. ”There is a party atmosphere!

Beatrice Egli: Shortly before the appearance at Florian Silbereisen - "Surprise!"

How fitting, after all, Beatrice Egli appears this Saturday evening on the ARD live show “The big hit beach party for his birthday” by Florian Silbereisen.

Nobody saw that the singer would release a new song shortly before that. "Surprise! My new single 'Saturday Night' is out!

Well, who is looking forward to the day as much as I am when we can finally dance and celebrate together again? ”Writes Beatrice Egli for another foretaste of her new album.

The fans are already listening to the new song on a loop, as they report in the comments. There it says, for example, “Warning, catchy tunes” and “Got up this morning and listened to it right away - be it in the bathroom, while driving or using a headset in the office”. Well, then the party can start!

“The big hit beach party for the birthday” runs on Saturday, August 14th, from 8.15 p.m. in the first.


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