Singer Kim Gloss She Got Married In Italy With Alexander:

Kim Gloss married her partner Alexander. On Instagram, she gives insights into the preparations and the romantic wedding ceremony.

Kim Gloss (28) has been in Rome since Monday. Now she has married her fiancé Alexander there. The former "DSDS" star shared impressions of the romantic wedding with his fans on Instagram.

In addition to the preparations, Gloss showed in her stories, among other things, the moment when the two put on their rings at a civil wedding and kiss to the applause of those present.

The newlyweds also proudly present their wonderful wedding dress, a tight-fitting dream made of lace in a mullet cut.

Her hair was gathered at the sides and curly. Alexander, meanwhile, opted for a light-colored suit with a white shirt that was slightly open.

You met in daycare

Among the guests were Johannes Haller (33) and his partner Jessica Paszka (31), who became the parents of a daughter in May.

In the coming hours and days, Gloss will probably share more clips and photos with their fans, because as it became known some time ago, the celebrations will last three days.

The wedding couple has been together since 2016. Gloss announced their engagement in 2019. He brought a son into the marriage, she was a daughter from a previous relationship with Rocco Stark (35).

They got to know each other through their children in a daycare center, as the 28-year-old explained about five years ago in an interview with "".


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