Samsung Focus on Folding Smartphones With New Models in 2021:

Samsung is determined to lead folding smartphones from the niche market to success. The mobile phone world market leader presented two new devices with more robust mechanics and lower prices on Wednesday.

The price of the cheapest Z Flip 3 model is comparable to that of top models of conventional smartphones.

Phones with fold-out screens have been eagerly anticipated as the next smartphone innovation, but have remained a niche business so far, given significantly higher prices and doubts about longevity, among other things.

Samsung's flip devices are compact and can be opened to the size of a normal smartphone, while the fold-out screen of the Fold series is larger with a diagonal of 7.6 inches. Samsung is already by far the most important provider of such devices.

Because the competitor Huawei has been pushed out of the markets outside of China by US sanctions, and the Motorola brand, which belongs to the PC primus Lenovo, only has one model on offer.

Samsung wants to take advantage of this lead. The aim of the group is to provide four out of five foldable devices sold, said Samsung manager Mario Winter of the German press agency. He sees almost 13 million potential customers in Germany.

In order to achieve this, co-operations with all major network operators should be started immediately with the presentation of the new devices and a much larger market presence in the retail sector should be sought.


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