OnlyFans is doing away with what OnlyFans is all about: pornographic images.

OnlyFans, a well-known streaming platform for virtual sex work, prohibits "sexually explicit content".

A balancing act is planned: While nude photos and videos remain, somehow, pornographic screenings are prohibited from October. It is precisely the independent sex workers who have made OnlyFans great.

The fundamental change comes under pressure from banking partners and payment service providers, OnlyFans justifies themselves to Input for the shot in their own knee.

According to its own information, the company, which was founded in 2016, has over 150 million registered users.

You pay one-time or monthly fees for access to images and video streams, the majority of which is distributed to more than one and a half million content providers.

The business model has worked so far. Since its inception, OnlyFans has paid out an average of more than five billion US dollars a year.

If OnlyFans had carried on as before, it could have paid out around ten billion dollars in 2022 and withheld more than two billion dollars.

Tumblr traffic slump:

Apparently, organic growth and profits are not enough for the owners. You want to make large amounts quickly by selling shares to investors.

With the adult content, OnlyFans has not found any sufficiently potent financiers. This week the company released an app that only allows adult content.

This is the only way for the app to gain access to the Apple and Google app stores. But it is questionable whether OnlyFans would be an attractive investment without its sex workers.

As a cautionary example, the blogging service Tumblr, which was known for its sexual representations, should be mentioned. In December 2018, Tumblr banned porn images.

Since then, the accesses have been going downhill. More than 40 percent of the approximately 550 million unique users per month before the porn ban was lost.

Before the porn ban, the blogging service probably had a larger proportion of adult content than OnlyFans today.

Video streaming is one of the safest forms of sex work. The (predominantly female) providers do not have to fear infection and do not need expensive pimps. You can work when and where you want and are rarely unintentionally haunted by customers.

OnlyFans does not yet say what will happen to pornographic content that has already been posted online in accordance with the previous terms of use. "We will announce details in the coming days."


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