Love Island 2021:

Who are the participants and couples in "Love Island" 2021 on RTL 2? Here in our overview, we introduce you to all of the candidates for the dating show.

At RTL2 it will soon be again: "Love is in the air". In a few weeks, on August 30th, a new season of the dating show "Love Island" will start.

In this format, various young single women and men move into a common villa for a few weeks to find the love of their lives there.

However, it is important to hold out when looking for a partner: Only those who have a couple can make themselves comfortable in the villa - lonely hearts, on the other hand, often have to return home.

But watch out! Even those who have already found a partner must not feel safe - after all, with the "grenades", attractive followers keep moving into the villa, who put the existing couple to the test.

We'll tell you which candidates are in season 6 as participants in "Love Island" 2021 and introduce you to the young women and men.

"Love Island" 2021: contestants in season 6

Andrina (28) from Zurich

The 29-year-old Swiss woman works as an online fitness coach. At "Love Island" she is looking for a sporty, tanned man who shows her with little attention that he is genuinely interested in her.

She prefers to stay away from machos and show-offs. In a relationship, Andrina attaches great importance to honesty and loyalty.

The 23-year-old DJane has never had a boyfriend - "Love Island" is set to change that. With the men in the villa, she wants to score points above all with her relaxed and positive manner.

The young woman has very clear ideas about her dream man: He should be blonde, have blue eyes and definitely has honest intentions.

Lena (24) from Oberhausen

Lena is 24 years old and is studying business psychology. Her greatest passions are travelling and sports.

In the villa, she hopes to get to know someone with whom she feels safe and loved - conceited men who have nothing on their minds don't go for the blonde at all.

Sina (24) from Schwäbisch Hall

The visual merchandiser is looking for a partner on "Love Island" whom she can blindly trust. Honesty and loyalty are also very important to them in a relationship.

What does your dream man have to look like? The 24-year-old likes beards who have a muscular and broad build.

Sarah (23) from Lenningen

The student would prefer to have Brad Pitt as a partner - but since this has been difficult so far, she is now taking part in "Love Island".

The 23-year-old hopes for honesty and good communication from her couple. Sarah doesn't think much of men who have many women at the same time.

Lisa (23) from Bremen

Lisa describes herself as an open and empathetic person. With a man, the hairdresser first and foremost pays attention to his legs, although the appearance is not as important to her as a positive charisma.

It is particularly important to Lisa that her future partner is a family man who accepts her for who she is.

Participants in "Love Island": candidates in 2021

Dennis (22) from Bad Soden-Salmünster

The fitness trainer attaches great importance to naturalness for women - the 22-year-old finds operated women and a lot of make-up unattractive.

In a relationship, Dennis would like to be on the same wavelength as his partner, and he also wants honesty and loyalty. His dream woman is blonde, has freckles and is athletic.

Domenik (25) from Idar-Oberstein

The 25-year-old is studying business administration and wants to convince the ladies of "Love Island" with his calm manner.

To score with him, a woman has to be honest and loyal. His dream woman is brown-haired with blond streaks - she should also have a beautiful face and a sporty figure.

Kaan (26) from Stuttgart

The 26-year-old works as a bartender in Stuttgart. With women, it turns him off when they talk chubby. And what does he like? Kaan attaches great importance to honesty, trust and respect in a relationship.

Visually, his dream woman should be dark-haired and have a nice bottom. It is also important to Kaan that his couple can walk well in high heels.

Jannik (26) from Cologne

Jannik works as a light rail driver in Cologne. According to his own statement, he convinces women with his positive and open manner.

The 26-year-old attaches great importance to positive charisma and good manners with his future wife. Visually, Dennis has no specific ideas about his dream woman: she should only be sporty and slim.

Philipp (23) from Mainz

The 23-year-old works as a landscape gardener in Mainz. With a woman, Philipp first of all pays attention to the eyes, hands and teeth.

In terms of character, you can convince the 23-year-old if you are open, honest and have common interests. Philipp would prefer a blond, sporty couple with light eyes.

Robin (24) from Augsburg

The Augsburg office clerk is passionate about playing football. In the villa, he wants to inspire the ladies above all with his open-minded, positive manner.

In a relationship, mutual trust is most important to him - excessive jealousy is an absolute no-go for the 24-year-old. With "Love Island" he hopes for a petite blonde with a sweet smile.

Steven (26) from Berlin

Steven works as a work technology specialist. According to his own statement, he scores with women with his laugh and his humorous manner.

He attaches great importance to openness and loyalty with his partner - fussy and arrogant women, on the other hand, are a red rag for the 26-year-old.


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