Laura Müller Model Celebrating An anniversary with Her husband Michael Wendler:

Laura Müller doesn't post much on Instagram anymore - and if at all it's photos of her new pet. On the anniversary of her love, she shares several pictures with her husband Michael Wendler. With one of them, she causes rumors.

If you google the name Laura Müller, you come across several headlines that go in a certain direction. The page "Promiflash" rumors about a "suspicious photo": "Is Laura Müller pregnant from Wendler?"

The Austrian newspaper "Kurier" also speculates: "Michael Wendler's pregnant? Laura Müller is fueling baby rumors" - but where do these headlines come from?

The origin is this picture that Laura Müller published in her Instagram stories. The 21-year-old stands on it together with her 28-year-old husband in the middle of an illuminated pedestrian zone.

The two are huddled together, looking at each other and holding milkshakes or something similar in their hands. So far, so unspectacular.

If it weren't for the little heart emoji that Laura Müller put on her stomach. This little symbol is what makes some media sit up and take notice.

You even want to see a slight bulge in Müller's body behind the red heart and thus speculate about a possible pregnancy of the influencer. Müller has not yet commented on this.

To do this, she published another post on Instagram at about the same time. It shows a scene from the engagement of Laura Müller and Michael Wendler, which was staged for TV.

"Found my cancer and you found your lion"

"Today is a special day for me and my love," writes Müller, because it is the third anniversary of their meeting.

"Every day with you is perfect and with so much love. I love you, my beautiful and attractive husband," adds Laura Müller to Michael Wendler, who can no longer be found on Instagram because his profile has been blocked.

Finally, she digresses once more into astrology: "I have found my loving Cancer and you have found your faithful Leo."

Almost a year ago it became clear that Michael Wendler is one of those people who believe conspiracies more than serious information.

The pop singer accused the federal government of "gross and serious violations of the constitution" in relation to the corona measures in October 2020 and withdrew from the DSDS jury at the same time by means of an Instagram video.

He had described RTL as "synchronized". The broadcaster then distanced itself from Wendler and called him a conspiracy theorist. Wendler also spoke of a "fake pandemic" and "media censorship".

When he finally referred to the German government's anti-corona measures as "KZ" on the Telegram platform, the broadcaster removed the musician from the already wacky episodes of DSDS. Wendler and Müller have also lost many advertising partners.


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