"Let's Dance" winner and ex-soccer player Rúrik Gíslason - Rurik Gislason mixes up “Grill den Henssler”!:

Rurik Gislason is a real showman. Germany was able to convince itself of this at the latest at Let's Dance, where the former Icelandic national soccer player won the title alongside Renata Lusin. 

On Sunday he can be seen (again) in a completely new role: As the cooking challenger to Steffen Henssler.

Rurik Gislason challenges Steffen Henssler:

The next summer special show awaits fans of “Grill den Henssler” on Sunday evening. In addition to the ex-kicker Rurik Gislason, the No Angels and Broilers frontman Sammy Amara also compete against the Hamburg chef with the big snout.

But Rurik Gislason also shows in a trailer for the show that the 33-year-old is anything but on the lips.

A short clip shows how Rurik Gislason Steffen Henssler, who is back at the stove after his injury break, admonishes washing his hands first before going into the kitchen.

If the cut is correct, Henssler then replies that this is not necessary for Germany. And Gislason, as if he had never done anything other than giving quick-witted comments in cooking programs: “You can taste it!” Iceland won the points!

Rurik Gislason: Does he also talk about Valentina Pahde on “Grill den Henssler”:

But many viewers should tune in not only because of Gislason's imposing appearance and his quick-wittedness but rather because they are hoping for information about his love life.

Finally, there are persistent rumours about a possible love affair between the ex-soccer player and actress Valentina Pahde, who took second place in "Let's Dance".

And it is certain that the presenter Laura Wontorra, who Gislason used to experience as a second division reporter on the football field, will be digging deeply.

But whether she will get an answer from the cool Icelander is questionable. Because he always stayed cool in the end and holed up behind an icy wall of silence.


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