Soccer - Goalkeeper Zieler reconciles with Hanover boss child:

Former world champion Ron-Robert Zieler has reconciled with managing director Martin Kind after his return from 1. FC Cologne to the second division soccer club Hannover 96.

“There was a conversation, yes. Mr Child came up to me. We have spoken out, and that's the subject for me, "said the former national goalkeeper in an interview with the" Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung "and the" Neue Presse "(Wednesday). 

After the goalkeeper's move to Cologne, Kind had said that Zieler should not have been signed-in 2019.

“I have to admit it was a strange feeling. Even after the prehistory, I didn't know exactly how to plan here, ”said Zieler, describing his thoughts on his return to Hanover.

Looking back, he admitted: “It wasn't a good time. The months and weeks have not been good for me and my family.

But there was a good conversation now. The contents are confidential. I really enjoy being in Hanover and I really enjoy putting on the 96 jerseys. "

With six goals conceded in the first three games of the season, Zieler's comeback in Hanover did not go well. “That is too much, we are all aware of that.

As a goalkeeper, every goal you concede annoys you. " The coach's criticism after only one point was won is justified. "As flat as it sounds: We have to get the basic virtues on the pitch and go to the limit in every game."


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