German singer Jürgen Drews gets to know a friend of daughter Joelina:

Introducing the new partner to their parents, some people would certainly like to avoid that. Joelina Drews, the daughter of pop star Jürgen Drews, however, dared after a short time to bring her boyfriend Adrian into her parents' house.

In his own home in Düsseldorf, Jürgen Drews met the music producer, who has been with his 25-year-old daughter for exactly one month. Now Adrian Louis revealed how the first meeting with Joelina's parents went.

Jürgen Drews gets to know Joelina's newcomer - he is amazed:

It wasn't until April that "Joedy", as Jürgen Drews' daughter calls herself a singer, met her boyfriend Adrian. The two musicians have officially been together for a month, as they explained in a joint “Bild” interview.

Joelina, who admires her parents very much for their long and above all happy marriage, has now also introduced her sweetheart to Jürgen and Ramona Drews.

And the meeting could hardly have been more harmonious, as Adrian reported: “Mom, really dear. Dad, really dear! They are very cute! It was very relaxed. "

Jürgen Drews invites his daughter's friend to his private recording studio:

It was clear that Jürgen Drews had taken a liking to Joelina's friend when he invited Adrian Louis into his private studio.

“We listened to Jürgen's old songs - it was cool!”, The 26-year-old remembered his first meeting with the only true “King of Mallorca”.

Adrian also comes from a family of musicians: “My father is a producer, my mom is a singer. Music has always been my dream. ”Perhaps that was exactly what was an advantage for him when he got to know Papa Jürgen.

On a professional level, Adrian Louis already met music stars such as pop star Wincent Weiss, rapper Kay One and "Rammstein" frontman Till Lindemann. He also got to know Joelina through working in the recording studio.


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