Silbereisen show without Helene Fischer - fans have an explanation:

"The big hit beach party for the birthday" celebrated on Saturday evening Florian Silbereisen on ARD on TV - and finally again with a live show.

There were many occasions, such as the show masters 30th stage anniversary or his 40th birthday. The guest list for the evening was correspondingly exquisite, but one song was missing: Helene Fischer.

Many fans had hoped for an appearance by Silbereisen's ex-partner, after all, the two are still good friends and Helene Fischer also celebrated her birthday this month.

But the expectations of the audience were disappointed. After all, there is a theory of attentive observers circulating online about the pop queen's absence.

Why was Helene Fischer absent from the Silbereisen show on ARD?

From Thomas Anders to Beatrice Egli and Andrea Berg, the stars gave each other a hand at the "Schlagerstrandparty".

Berg was then the big highlight and entered the stage at the very end. Silbereisen announced them with the words: Numerous fans should have immediately thought of Helene Fischer, but then Berg came on stage instead.

Although the 55-year-old is also a hit superstar, several viewers could hardly hold back their disappointment in social networks - certainly also because of the close connection between Fischer and Silbereisen.

At the same time, they are wondering when the 37-year-old will be celebrating her TV comeback ... maybe not until Christmas?

Fans express a clear assumption about Fischer and Berg

However, some openly speculate on Twitter about the reason for Helene's absence from the show. It is assumed that Andrea Berg is the reason because the two singers have hardly ever been seen together in the same program in the past.

The "hit boom 2019", when Fischer Silbereisen surprised and Berg also appeared, was more of an exception.

So are the two really deliberately avoiding each other? "The big hit beach party" strengthened this assumption.

But for all Helene Fischer fans, there is still hope, because "The Giovanni Zarrella Show" will start on ZDF on September 11th. For the interpreter of "Atemlos", this would be the next good opportunity to return to television.

The singer recently released the single "Vamos a Marte" with Luis Fonsi, which is one of the reasons why an appearance on Silbereisen was already expected.


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