Since the baby was born - Massimo Sinató says he is now "even more in love" with Rebecca Mir:

Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinató have been parents for a few months. Now the two talk about their family life together.

Model Rebecca Mir, 29, and professional dancer Massimo Sinató, 40, have been parents to a young son since April. Now the couple Frauke Ludowig gave the first interview after the birth on RTL.

The roles are clearly divided between the two: Rebecca Mir, in particular, gets up at night. "I can't give milk," the dancer apologizes.

His partner defends him directly: "I just wanted to protect him, he can't do anything either." However, she also changes diapers more often.

"He's already done it once or twice," jokes the 29-year-old. "More often than not," Sinató contradicts. "She won't let me either. She likes to do it."

Massimo Sinató suggested the pregnancy test:

There had been rumours of pregnancy about Rebecca Mir again and again in the past. Last August, she denied this on Instagram.

"Massimo cooks very well and I feel very comfortable in my skin even with one or two kilos more," the model wrote in an Insta story.

Two weeks later, however, she became really surprisingly pregnant, she reveals.

Sinató knew about it from the start, he says. He said after a hunch: "Honey, we're going to do a test now."

In order not to be recognized, they went to a pharmacy wearing a cap and scarf. The test was finally positive.

The birth was an emotional one for Sinató: "When a man is present at birth, you think to yourself: My God, what a woman can do there.

I love her even more," he makes a declaration of love for his wife. He also admits: “A tear has already fallen.”

And what about more offspring? Massimo Sinató is "ready at any time" for a second child. Rebecca Mir, on the other hand, wants to get used to the new situation with a child: She wants to take it easy.

Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinató met in 2012 on "Let's Dance". At that time, they ended up in second place in the dance show. In 2015 the two married in Sicily.


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