German journalist  Caren Miosga "Your idiot" - surprising farewell to talk show:

The "Tagesthemen" presenter Caren Miosga is seldom seen that relaxed. At the ARD talk show "Inas Nacht", the 52-year-old was infected by Ina Müller's cheeky snout. The two tinkered with vodka on a perfect goodbye for the news anchor.

On August 12, 2021, Caren Miosga, 52, was the guest of Ina Müller, 56, in the Hamburg pub "Schellfischposten". In contrast to the usual "Tagesthemen", her outfit was much more casual: Jeans with a black T-shirt and yellow pumps.

Caren Miosga and Ina Müller toast with vodka:

To start with, there was a big sip of vodka. Miosga decided on a Russian toast to go with the drink. She speaks the language almost perfectly, after all, she studied Slavic Studies.

Miosga and Müller quickly agree, however: they shouldn't drink too much of it in the evening. "Then I tell dirty stories," Miosga points out.

Ina Müller has ideas for a final sentence for Caren Miosga:

When it came to the subject of "Topics of the Day", Ina Müller seized her chance. At first, she criticized that Caren Miosga was always "unfavorably cut off" by the cameras.

The picture ends either at the thickest point of the calf or at the ankle and the high heels cannot be seen: "That shows me that men are at work there," says Ina Müller.

Then she comes to her real concern: "I would like to talk to you about final sentences," says Müller. In contrast to the men, Miosga does not have a concise saying.

For example, Ingo Zamperoni, 47, always says: "Stay confident." For herself, however, Miosga thinks a final sentence is inappropriate.

"See you tomorrow, you idiots": Will Miosgas be the new final sentence?

Ina Müller wants to change that and presents her with three suggestions. The first suggestion, "I wish you good night, the little light will now be turned off", does not go down very well with the news presenter.

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The second suggestion: "Tomorrow is already yesterday, I will now go over ... blaspheme" - at this point you can always use a person of your choice.

The 52-year-old likes that a lot better. The third suggestion, however, appeals to her: "See you tomorrow, you idiots."

At the end of the program, just before the shanty choir starts singing "In Hamburg they say goodbye", Caren Miosga holds up a glass of vodka, looks straight into the camera, and says: "See you tomorrow, you idiots." Will she repeat that for the "topics of the day"?


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