Eintracht Frankfurt with zero number against Augsburg - The SGE players in the individual review:

Eintracht Frankfurt didn’t get past 0-0 in their first home game: Drivers Sow convinced, striker Borré disappointed. The Eintracht players in the individual review.

Djibril Sow: Present as an interceptor, skillfully as a ball distributor. Took more responsibility, especially in the first section, when it didn't work at all at first, didn't hide.

Didn't quite keep the level in the second round. Still very promising. Considered yellow because he was furious when he fired the ball into the audience when a referee whistled.

Evan Ndicka: Started with a juicy ricochet after less than ten seconds. But caught himself, attentively as the right part of the central defence - and that as a left foot. With 33 km / h on this warm Saturday, the fastest in Frankfurt.

Martin Hinteregger: The head duel against Niederlechner went to him, Hinti was able to continue after a violent collision with Brummschädel, the Augsburg man had to go out with a laceration.

Also otherwise improved and more alert. But not the old man yet, and the substitute captain does not pose a threat to goals.

Ajdin Hrustic: Often on the ball, it turned out, initiated the attacks. It didn't all workout, sometimes he has too many ideas in his head at once. If the ball is walking too much on the foot, it should continue to play faster.

Filip Kostic: Took a while to get into the game. I have to find my way around the new position, not so far out there on the left. It's not easy for him.

The coordination with Hintermann Lenz requires fine-tuning. In the better second section with more power and determination.

Jesper Lindström: Started erratically, rarely on the ball, but came in better. Busy and busy, with some good ideas, serves the teammates. In the end, the young Springinsfeld is too rushed. But at least with approaches.

Kevin Trapp: For the most part jobless, then again with excitement when he missed the ball and shovelled it makeshift at the feet of the Augsburg Gruezo - his lifter just went over it.

Had pig. His chip balls were also more precise. It wouldn’t have been because of the presence of his fiancée.

Christopher Lenz: Won 18 tackles, most of all players. The will and the readiness cannot be denied to the left-back, marched incessantly. However, with many shortcomings and inaccuracies. Playful no revelation. But with a heart.

Erik Durm: Runs the most of all Eintracht professionals, 11.4 kilometres. Hauled himself into it, often had the ball, but didn't know what to do with it.

Without much action. Sometimes free on the piano, but overlooked or not alluded to by colleagues. He also produced a wrong throw-in - even with the professionals.

Jens Petter Hauge: The young Norwegian has momentum and dynamism, but he has to be calmer on the ball, a lot calmer. Muddled most of the actions, too impetuous. Missed a good chance this will happen.

Rafael Borré: Probably dreams of some giants that annoy him. Had a difficult time against the great players. With the most shots on goal (4), but he was never able to put himself in the limelight, looked abandoned up there. There has to be more, a lot more.


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