A clear message to Dutch model Lilly Becker critics:

Lilly Becker seems to want to settle accounts with her critics on social media. With an unusual vacation photo, she sends a clear message to her followers.

Lilly Becker, 45, is just taking a break from everyday life on vacation and it seems to be really good.

After a lascivious photo a few days ago, which she showed while sunbathing by the pool, the Dutchwoman is now releasing a holiday photo, with which, however, she makes a clear announcement.

Lilly Becker takes care of her own business:

The picture shows Boris Becker's ex, 53, in a brown swimsuit and sunglasses by the water. That in itself wouldn't be unusual.

But instead of a fancy cocktail, she holds a glass of schnapps in her hand, a half-burned cigarette stuck between her teeth, while she casually raises her left hand to sign peace.

"Tuesday. Take care of my own business," she writes about the snapshot and advises her followers: "You should try that too."

Bad comments for naughty vacation photos:

With these clear words, it seems to be aimed primarily at users of social media, who often leave hateful comments on the profile of the 45-year-old. So unfortunately also under this cheeky "snap (s) shot".

While she received applause and flame emojis for her post from colleagues such as Charlotte Würdig, 43, Verena Kerth, 40, model Aminata Sanogo, 26, or singer LaFee, 30, numerous users left bad news once again.

"Shhh with a fag in your mouth, 90% less sexy," says a follower. "Oh Lilly, you lost, poor soul ..." writes another pityingly.

But there is also positive feedback for the honest photo. One user comments: "More reality on Instagram. Schnapps and cigarette ... Yeah." And Lilly: Apparently she doesn't care about negative comments.

When it comes to choosing a man, the mother of a son seems to take it easy, even confessing to having scaled-down her expectations.

"I've given it up in the meantime, I'm no longer interested," she recently told "Topnews43". She has no precise idea of ​​her dream man, "as long as he breathes, is nice and is also a father".


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