The 3G rule in Bavaria - Do schoolchildren have to be tested during the holidays:

Many students in Bavaria have not yet been vaccinated against Corona. Nevertheless, the 3G rules will apply to them from August 23rd.

Do parents need to have their children tested with it before going to the swimming pool or restaurant? We explain what applies until the end of the holiday.

The 3G rule for children: Do you have to test during the holiday season?

Since Monday (23 August 2021), people in Bavaria with an incidence value of 35 or more in indoor areas have had to prove that they have either been vaccinated, recovered or tested.

This does not apply to children up to their sixth birthday and regularly tested pupils as part of the lessons. But what about the holiday season?

The exception for schoolchildren also applies during the holidays, as the Ministry of Health said on Monday.

The radio station Antenne Bayern had previously reported. Schoolchildren in Bavaria do not have to be specially tested if they want to be indoors in swimming pools, restaurants, gyms or the like.

3G rules from now on in Bavaria: Do students have to be tested by the end of the holiday?

Children and young people from Germany must present a document that proves that they have attended school to be exempted from the 3G rule - for example, a student ID or a student ticket.

According to the Ministry of Health in Munich, the children don't need to show a negative result. Students from abroad must submit a confirmation from the school and prove that tests are also taken there regularly.

The exact regulation can also differ within the federal states. For example, proof from the students is not required everywhere.

Families who want to travel to Germany again in the last few weeks of the holiday should therefore find out about the exact Corona rules at the holiday destination beforehand.

The summer holidays in Bavaria will last until mid-September (13.09.2021).


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