Luke Mockridge comments on rape allegations - No more shows in 2021:

After Luke Mockridge's ex-girlfriend publicly accused the comedian of raping her, it went quiet around him. Now he reports on Instagram with his first statement about the allegation.

"Before the breakup, maybe not everything was good, but far from what she describes," clarifies the 32-year-old.

After the separation, they even went on vacation to Disneyland together. Nevertheless, this report then came about.

However, both the public prosecutor and the general public prosecutor found that there was no suspicion of a crime. The procedure was therefore legally concluded a year ago.

Luke Mockridge and his toxic relationship:

“I didn't do what I was accused of,” said Mockridge, who nevertheless speaks of a toxic relationship. “I was in that toxic relationship too.

Two people who are poison for each other, who can always challenge each other emotionally, who trigger each other.

There was always too much of everything - too much emotion, too much passion, too much argument - and actually never really really love! "

So far, Mockridge has remained silent to avoid a public mud fight. He is convinced that there would have been no winners.

“My passive silence was rated as an active act,” said the comedian, who subsequently even received death threats on social networks.

Luke Mockridge does not appear again for the time being:

In the meantime, he has taken professional help to see how he could get into this situation. “But this is a private process. Therefore there will be no more shows this year! "

Mockridge wants to continue using it in 2021 to find oneself again:

“Thank you for giving me the time to collect myself again,” he concludes his video message, “I'll see you on tour or on TV next year. I hope, or rather I know, that it will be fun again! "


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