CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk Bursts Out Laughing Next To Armin Laschet:

For Armin Laschet it was an appearance that promised beautiful campaign pictures: a visit with Elon Musk in the Tesla factory.

And indeed, Musk found words of praise for the candidate for chancellor. But then a laugh causes irritation. Did the Tesla boss laugh at Laschet?

Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet called for faster approval procedures on Friday at the construction site of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin.

The CDU chairman spoke out on the side of company boss Elon Musk for a change in the collective action rights.

"It is not acceptable that someone who is not affected as a local resident here, but lives by the North Sea or the Bavarian Alps, can file a lawsuit to stop such projects."

Musk said it was problematic when new regulations came in every year and they reached a level where nothing could be done. The regulations would have to be regularly reviewed.

Tesla is building a car factory near the capital's airport. Around 500,000 cars are to be built there every year. Production was supposed to start in July, but the end of the year is now in the room.

Tesla is also planning a battery factory, which is delaying the approval process. So far, the company has been building with early approvals. The Tesla boss was confident that the approval process would be completed in October.

"He seems like a great guy"

Elon Musk criticized the length of the approval process in April. This triggered a discussion about planning and environmental law in Germany.

Laschet advocates dismantling bureaucracy, loosening economic fetters, and creating new opportunities for economic growth.

When asked what he thinks of Laschet, Musk says: "He seems to be a great guy." The question of whether the politician will be the next Federal Chancellor, however, has to be decided by the German people in the elections.

But the auto boss contradicted the politician on one point. Laschet emphasized that politicians would not make any strict technical specifications for types of drive and that, for example, the use of hydrogen technology in larger trucks would also be possible in addition to battery technology.

In English, Laschet asked, “what is the future of the car?” And began to list alternatives such as hydrogen.

But Musk waved this off and immediately interrupted the candidate for chancellor. “Electrically, of course. Hydrogen is a waste of time, ”replied the Tesla boss and broke out into a loud laugh.

Because his company relies fully on electric drives. Laschet's list of other drives was lost. In the case of political competition, this was used as a blueprint to criticize Laschet's economic policy.

It wasn't the only time Elon Musk laughed uproariously that afternoon. He reacted in a similar way to a question from a reporter who referred to criticism of the high water consumption of the Tesla question.

Musk said this was ridiculous, Brandenburg was not a desert, there was “water everywhere here”. And laughed again and again.

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