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The judgment against the right-wing terrorist Beate Zschäpe is final. The BGH rejected the appeal against the judgment pronounced in 2018.

Two judgments against NSU helpers were also confirmed. Victim families react with relief. Although the BGH changed little things in the judgment against Beate Zschäpe, they are no longer relevant.

The judgment is final, the total sentence remains: Beate Zschäpe remains in prison for life. The BGH also confirmed the determination of the particular gravity of the guilt. So Zschäpe remains in prison for at least 15 years. She is already in custody in Chemnitz.

Beate Zschäpe rightly classified as an accomplice

The decision of the BGH on the appeal was eagerly awaited in the Beate Zschäpe case. Because the conviction of Zschäpe for complicity was considered legally sensitive.

The reason: In July 2018, the Munich Higher Regional Court condemned her as an accomplice in all assassinations and robberies.

However, Zschäpe could not be proven that she was personally there when Böhnhardt and Mundlos murdered and committed explosives.

What counted for the court, however, was that she decided on the crimes jointly with her accomplices Mundlos and Böhnhardt, planned, provided the NSU core trio with a retreat, and in 2011 sent out the NSU's confessional videos. In doing so, the NSU exposed itself.

Evidence "highly plausible"

In its decision, the BGH largely follows the grounds for the judgment of the Munich Higher Regional Court.

The Federal Court of Justice emphasizes that there is no legal error in the evidence provided by the OLG. On the contrary: it is "highly plausible".

In its judgment, the OLG had found that Zschäpe had participated in the planning of every single act, that she had committed the assassinations and robberies jointly with Böhnhardt and Mundlos.

"The defendant had sufficient authority for this as well as an interest in the crime," said the BGH's press release.

Zschäpe had a decisive influence on the actions of the NSU. Without them, the terrorist organization NSU would not have been able to achieve its goals, according to the BGH's press release.

Unanimous decision:

The decision to reject the appeal filed by Zschäpe's defense was taken unanimously by the 3rd criminal panel of the BGH, which is why no hearing before the Federal Court of Justice was necessary.

The reaction of the Zschäpe defense:

Zschäpe's defender Mathias Grasel regretted the rejection of the appeal by the Federal Court of Justice.

The highest judges in Karlsruhe had abandoned their previous jurisdiction on complicity and "massively expanded" the criminal liability of complicity.

He will discuss the decision with his client as soon as possible. In a statement, he reserved further legal steps.

At the Munich Higher Regional Court, which did not want to comment on the BGH decision, one should be relieved that the most important judgments were confirmed after this mammoth trial. The NSU process does not have to be reopened.

To listen to: "Room 101 - Documentary radio play on the NSU trial"

Victim families demand further clarification:

The joint plaintiffs in the NSU trial reacted with relief when they rejected the revisions. Seda Basay-Yildiz, the co-prosecutor of the family of the florist Enver Simsek who was murdered in 2000, told the BR that it was good that the judgments were final. Your clients are relieved. It would have been a disaster if the BGH had decided otherwise.

However, many questions remain unanswered for the co-plaintiffs. Gamze Kubasik, daughter of Mehmet Kubasik, who was murdered by the NSU in Dortmund, explained through her lawyer Sebastian Scharmer that the decisions of the BGH should not be an end to the NSU issue.

"My family and I will only come to rest when all the helpers and perpetrators of the NSU have been identified!" Said Kubasik. She asked Beate Zschäpe again to name other perpetrators in the NSU network.

Two NSU supporters have to be arrested

Two of the terrorists who were also accused in the NSU trial must now also be detained. The BGH has also rejected the appeals against the judgments of the two NSU helpers, Ralf Wohlleben and Holger G.

Wohlleben had been sentenced to ten years in prison for complicity in nine murders. Holger G. was imprisoned for three years for supporting a terrorist organization. Both have been at large so far and are now serving their sentences.

Carsten S., who had been sentenced to a youth prison term of three years for the delivery of weapons to the NSU and who credibly regretted his act, has already served his sentence. He had withdrawn his revision prematurely.

Only one NSU judgment is not yet final

In the case of the NSU supporter André E., the BGH will decide on the appeal in December. The Federal Prosecutor's Office had requested an appeal, which is why an oral hearing before the BGH is necessary. The Federal Court of Justice will decide whether the judgment stands up to scrutiny.

André E., a self-confessed National Socialist, had been sentenced to a surprisingly mild sentence of only two and a half years. The federal prosecutor had asked for 12 years. The verdict caused particular outrage, with neo-Nazis applauding in the audience.

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