Andrea Berg's German singer outfit is a source of gossip among fans:

Yellow fringed dress with a neckline to the navel: Andrea Berg's outfit at Florian Silbereisen provides plenty of material for discussion.

Gelsenkirchen - Florian Silbereisen (40) celebrates his birthday - and the pop stars celebrate with him. Andrea Berg (55) was also there. But this time the focus was not on the pop singer's music, but her appearance.

Her choice of outfit seemed to please very few of her Schlager fans. TV viewers compare their yellow dress to a skating suit, a yellow baby romper or a bird.

Andrea Berg celebrates with Florian Silbereisen - and gives him advice

Florian Silbereisen (all information about the TV presenter) not only celebrated his birthday on Saturday (August 14, 2021) with the hit beach party but also his 30th stage anniversary - and of course, he doesn't do it alone.

This time Schlager fans were allowed to celebrate life again. In addition, the TV presenter invited the who's who of the industry to this special occasion: Ben Zucker, Andy Borg, Stefan Mross, Beatrice Egli or Andrea Berg (all information about the pop singer) were on stage.

In a yellow fringed dress with a neckline to the navel and glittering high heels, Andrea Berg stood on stage with Florian Silbereisen (the most popular Schlager presenters of all time) on Saturday evening.

The audience danced, swayed and roared to her mega-hit “Stand up” and the pop singer visibly enjoyed being on stage again. But that's not all.

After Andrea Berg gave Florian Silbereisen an important piece of advice (“Stay as you are”), the pop singer (The most successful German pop singer of all time) sings him a special kind of birthday serenade.

In the end, there was a hit medley. Musically Andrea Berg was able to convince all along the line. Visually, some Twitter users had something to complain about: The pop singer now has to take some nasty criticism because of her outfit.

Andrea Berg's yellow dress is hotly debated on the internet: “Has skinned a chick

Andrea Berg ensures plenty of discussions on the internet. But the issue is not her music, but her outfit from Saturday evening.

Andrea Berg wore a yellow fringed dress at Florian Silbereisen's hit beach party (These are the biggest hit shows on German television) that not every TV viewer liked. Fans refer to their outfit as an ice skating costume, yellow baby romper or fly curtain.

"The mountain is 55. Wear something clever, girl !!!", wrote a Twitter user very charmingly. Another says: Another Silbereisen viewer writes: "Andrea Berg has skinned a chicken".

Another fan makes it short and sweet. “Outfit of horror,” he writes. Another viewer notes that the light show is quite nice, but that "the fiddling" distracts.

“I really like this subtle outfit from Ms Berg”, said a third fan sarcastically. Another hit beach party viewer says:

But not all Twitter users are mean to Andrea Berg, as this fan proves here. "Anni" defends the pop singer and advocates that everyone should wear what they want.


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