Stars Show Solidarity With American Singer Britney Spears:

Britney Spears has been under the guardianship of her father since 2008 - who announced that he would step down as guardian. The pop singer is now also experiencing solidarity from other stars.

There is movement in the dispute over the guardianship of Britney Spears: American media reports that Jamie Spears, the pop singer's father, wants to resign as his daughter's guardian.

Fans and Hollywood stars welcomed the decision on social media. Hotel heiress and reality TV star Paris Hilton wrote on Twitter: “I'm really excited about this news. It was so long overdue, but I'm so glad Britney is on her way to finally being free. Send so much love! "

The Mexican actress Eiza González, known from the Netflix production "I Care A Lot", was excited on Instagram: "As a die-hard Britney fan for life, this is the best news of the year!" described them as "out of date and archaic".

Guardianship is used specifically to get the money of innocent people with mental and physical disabilities.

In “I Care A Lot”, González plays a young woman who sends older people to nursing homes against their will in order to deprive them of their savings.

"It is time to see that a woman can live her life on her own terms and leave behind innocent mistakes she made as a young woman," continued González.

According to the American US Weekly, Britney Spears's mother, Lynne Spears, should also be happy about the resignation of her ex-husband.

The 66-year-old's lawyer told celebrity magazine: "Lynne Spears is pleased that Jamie has agreed to resign." But she did not want to comment on the decision.

American media had previously reported that Jamie Spears should have submitted a resignation to the competent court in Los Angeles on Thursday. His lawyer cited the "public argument" with his daughter as one of the reasons for this decision.

Britney Spears' attorney Mathew Rosengart saw this as a great win for his client. Jamie Spears should resign immediately, he said in a statement published by the industry journal Variety.

In July, Rosengart had applied to the court to replace her father as guardian of the famous daughter. He held Jamie Spears on Thursday, according to a statement, "shameful and reprehensible attacks" on Britney.

They wanted to continue to check whether the father, as a guardian, had unlawfully enriched his daughter's fortune in the past few years, said Rosengart.

Jamie Spears sees himself as a target for unjustified attacks:

Jamie Spears' lawyers stressed that the father acted in the best interests of the daughter. There are no real reasons to remove Jamie Spears from office, quoted from the court filing as saying.

However, he was the target of "unjustified" attacks and wanted to avoid a public fight with his daughter for guardianship.

The singer has been under her father's tutelage since 2008 after she collapsed psychologically due to personal and professional problems. At first, Jamie Spears managed his daughter's wealth and personal affairs.

In 2019 he stepped down but remained responsible for finances. The singer's personal needs, including medical issues, are handled as co-guardian Jodi Montgomery.

At two court hearings in June and July, the singer violently attacked her father in emotional speeches and raised allegations against her family, carers, and lawyers. She feels that her family and managers have taken advantage of her.

She is controlled by everyone and cannot determine her own life, explained the singer of hits like "Oops! ... I Did It Again" or "Baby One More Time". She was threatened and was very afraid of her father. In places, the pop star broke out in sobs.

In mid-July, the court allowed the 39-year-old to designate her own lawyer. Rosengart immediately applied for the father to be replaced as guardian.

According to the petition, Spears is to be replaced by an interim guardian-certified auditor Jason Rubin. The next hearing in the legal dispute is scheduled for the end of September.


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