Chaos In Afghanistan Kabul:

The American president had to explain himself. He was not contrite: his decision to withdraw was exactly the right one. The Afghans were to blame for the disaster. And Donald Trump.

Immediately after his brief address in the White House, the American President returned to Camp David. He had already spent the past few days there.

The only reason he'd returned to Washington for a few hours: the public pressure to explain to the Americans, in the face of the chaos in Kabul, how Operation Withdrawal from Afghanistan could go so wrong.

The quick return to the vacation home should symbolize everything under control. Most of all, however, she looked defiant.

Friends of the Democratic Republic had advised the president to admit mistakes and to take them on his own. One even drew a comparison with John F. Kennedy after the debacle in Cuba's Bay of Pigs, which he had taken on at the time.

But there could be no question of that. Biden said on Monday that ultimately the responsibility rests with him.

He also admitted that he had been surprised by the rapid advance of the Islamists: “The truth is that it developed faster than we had foreseen.” But that was about self-criticism.

He didn't even mention a reason for the misjudgment. No reference to the findings of his intelligence services or the recommendations of his National Security Council.

Biden sees the Afghans as guilty

Instead, Biden stuck to his line of blaming others. This time even more clearly than before. The political leadership of Afghanistan had "given up" and "fled the country". And: "The Afghan military has collapsed, sometimes without even trying to fight."

He again referred to the trillion dollars that have been invested in the country over the past twenty years, on the equipment and training of the armed forces and Police: “We gave them every opportunity to decide about their own future.

But we couldn't give them the will to fight for this future. " The development of the past few days, the Commander-in-Chief continued, strengthened his view that the withdrawal ordered by him was correct.

That was the main message of a speech in which he did not appear primarily as the “leader of the free world” as the president of the NATO supremacy in the midst of a serious crisis in the West.

Biden gave an inward-looking address that contained key sentences that should hit the - endoscopically tested - nerve: "American soldiers cannot and should not fight and die in a war that the Afghan armed forces themselves do not want to fight."

And: there are some brave and capable Afghan special forces. But if the country is not now in a position to raise real resistance to the Taliban, then there is no chance that another year of American presence, or five or twenty more years, will change anything.

Finally: They went to Afghanistan to get those who attacked America on September 11, 2001. And to ensure that the country can no longer be the starting point for renewed terrorist attacks.

That was done. There should never have been talking of a unified, centrally organized democracy in the Hindu Kush. He has said for years that the mission must focus on the fight against terrorism.


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