Jacques Brel death:

Jacques Brel was an American Famous singer and song-writer. 54 years ago today, the Belgian chansonnier Jacques Brel played his farewell concert. Jacques Brel death on October 9, 1978.

The singer, who died in 1978, wrote texts with a wide range of content during his almost 20-year career, including not only love topics but also social and church criticism.

By contrast, Brel no longer spent the last years of his life on stage, but in the South Seas.

Jacques Brel had to wait a long time for the breakthrough:

Jacques Brel, who was born in Schaerbeek in 1929, did not succeed as a singer in the cradle: Brel performed poorly at school and described his family in his songs as "grey and silent".

Bored of working in the father's cardboard factory, Brel increasingly took refuge in music at the age of 20. A year later he married his wife, Thérèse Michielsen.

After several unsuccessful appearances, Brel was invited to Paris by the Philipps record label in 1953.

The first few years in the French capital were difficult for the young singer, it wasn't until 1956 that Brel landed his first major success.

Farewell concert on November 15th - Brel ended his career early:

In his private life too, love remained a big issue for Brel: Despite his marriage to "Miche", the Belgian had numerous relationships.

Brel, on the other hand, was rather close to his three children. Still, the star kept returning to Belgium to visit his family.

In addition to love, Brel's life and work had another leitmotif: wanderlust. In the 1960s, the now internationally known singer toured the USA and the Soviet Union.

But at the height of his success, Brel announced in 1966 that he wanted to leave the stage.

The farewell concert in Belgium on November 15, 1966, was followed by other appearances - but Brel's decision was made.

Jacques Brel Chansonnier and Actor:

In the years following the end of his career, Brel was drawn to the big screen: His appearances in ten feature films, however, did not meet with the audience.

In parallel to acting, Brel increasingly concentrated on his hobbies, flying and sailing. In 1974 he started a circumnavigation with his lover Maddy, which eventually took the couple to French Polynesia.

From 1976 Brel lived with Maddy on the island of Hiva-Oa and also worked as a post-pilot. In 1977 the singer, who suffered from lung cancer, released one last album.

After a pulmonary embolism, Brel died near Paris in 1978. Brel was buried on Hiva-Oa - only a few meters away from the grave of the important French painter Paul Gauguin.


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