France's film legend Alain Delon - A heartbreaker turns 85:

Wild, restless, beautiful, arrogant, argumentative. Describing Alain Delon is almost impossible. To win him over too.

Many tried that, one almost paid for it with her life. Today Alain lives and celebrates alone. Half a century ago it was said of Alain Delon that this young fellow has “an angel's face”.

He still likes this sentence today, he explains to B.Z. ON SUNDAY. After all, it sounds wild, daring. Delon is both a screen legend and a belligerent star. 

The fact that he sympathized with the right-wing extremist Front National party is still resented in France.

In the past he was considered a heartthrob, today some people call him a thug. Delon tried to ignore the protests at the Cannes Film Festival last year.

But he still likes his rebel image. “As a young man, I found myself personally boring, physically not man enough,” says Alain Delon. “Today you would say: pretty.”

This is exactly what Romy Schneider fell in love with. The two met in 1958. Romy, already an icon as “Sissi”, met the still unknown Alain while filming “Christine”. The two lovers were quickly idolized as the new dream couple in the cinema world.

That went well for a few years, then Delon suddenly held someone else in his strong arms: Nathalie, whom he also married fairly quickly. And Romy? Her heart was broken. So much so that she attempted suicide.

It wasn't until 1968 when she was already married to someone else, that Romy was able to forgive. Romy Schneider and Delon met again to shoot “The Swimming Pool”.

The drama became a film milestone, the ex became a friend. However, after Romy died in 1982, Alain admitted: "Romy was the love of my life."

And today? The eternal womanizer is no longer doing the theatre, the last time he was on stage two years ago. He's single but happy.

"Loneliness is not a blemish for me," he explains when we leave. "I love her. She is part of my life and I live with her very well. "


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