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Facebook announced on Monday (5) that it is finally bringing the Avatars feature to Brazil.

The functionality, which was already available abroad, allows you to create customizable three-dimensional dolls to use in the feed, in comments, in pre-configured stickers and, of course, as a profile photo.

The update is being made available gradually to Brazilian Internet users throughout the day.

According to the platform, “you can personalize your Avatar so that it represents you uniquely and authentically”, which is possible thanks to a wide range of skin tones, hairstyles, clothes and stickers options - which have even been adapted for local reality and culture.

When creating your Avatar, it automatically becomes available in 20 different stickers, such as “Hey there”, “Thanks”, “I love”, “Hi” and “You're welcome” - excellent for use in Messenger.

For now, we will have only ten of these stickers ready, and another ten options should be made available over the next few weeks gradually. There are also several backgrounds to further personalize your doll.

The creation of Avatars is exclusive to the Facebook application. Make sure your software is up to date, start a comment on any post, touch the Emoji icon and you will see the option to create your Avatar.


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