Dak Prescott Breaking News

Dak Prescott Breaking News:

After the horror injury to the cowboy quarterback, The sports world shows its solidarity with Football quarterback Dak Prescott.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott injured himself badly during the game against the Giants - broken ankle.

The sports world is shocked. Numerous stars, fans and teams express their wishes for recovery online. ran.de has reactions.

Dak Prescott Horror injury shocks NFL:

Munchen - Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott is seriously injured against the Giants and is out for a long time. Dirk Nowitzki also wishes you a speedy recovery. The game ends dramatically.

He was at the end of the season for a huge salary-allowance with the highest bidder in the Cowboys or anywhere else in the league.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes currently has the most lucrative deal in sports history, valued at up to half a billion dollars.

The 2-season-old Prescott has been leading the league in passing yards, effort and finishing this season, and could be linked with a similar deal with Mahomes.

However, he is less likely to be paid more by the Cowboys for fear that the teams will not return the same player.

Prescott, who won the 2011 NFL of the Year, is a popular figure throughout the league and was honoured after taking to the field.

Before the start of the season, Prescott spoke about his struggles with depression and the importance of reaching out to people around you after the death of his brother earlier this year.

It was clear to everyone around the league that the high esteem he had for him was that the players of the Giants spiritual opponent, along with Prescott's Cowboys teammates, were on their knees when he left the field.

What now for the cowboys?

Despite Presscoat’s great season with the arm so far, the 3 37-34 win over the Counties ’jeans was the second team of the season to finish second.

They are currently in third place in the NFC East division due to poor defensive performance.

‘The boys have scored 126 points this season, 42 more than the NGC East’s top agglomerates. Their defence has conceded 146 points this season - the highest across the league

Andy Dalton has replaced the injured precoat and while he is one of the league’s most experienced backup quarterbacks, it’s hard to see the Cowboys without his star players improve the difficulty of making the playoffs this year.


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