Actress Margaret Nolan Death

Actress Margaret Nolan Death:

British actress Margaret Nolan starred in "Goldfinger" and in the Beatles film "A Hard Day's Night." She was 76 years old.

Millions and millions of people have seen the James Bond opening credits with their gilded skin:

British actress Margaret Nolan, who became known around the world through the first few minutes of the film "Goldfinger", is dead. The British media reported, citing Nolan's son Oscar Deeks.

British director Edgar Wright, who last worked with Nolan, also confirmed her death on Twitter. Goldfinger Actress Margaret Nolan died on October 5th at the age of 76. The cause of death was not known.

In the film, however, Shirley Eaton played the gilded woman Nolan was a successful model before she became an actress.

In the 007 classic "Goldfinger" (1964) she played a small role alongside Sean Connery as Bond's masseuse Dink.

Besides, she was - painted with golden paint and dressed in a golden bikini - to be seen in the opening credits of the film and on posters and advertising motifs worldwide.

The tracking shot over her body alludes to a gruesome movie murder: In "Goldfinger" the villain of the same name (Gert Fröbe) kills his unfaithful assistant by gilding her body.

She choked. In the plot, however, it is not Nolan but Shirley Eaton who plays the disgraced and gilded woman.

In the same year, Nolan appeared in the musical comedy "A Hard Day's Night" with the Beatles. She also worked on many films in the UK-popular "Carry On" series ("It's crazy").

She played her last role in the thriller "Last Night In Soho", which will be released in 2021. Its director Edgar Wright tweeted that Nolan had confessed: "for everything cool in the 60s".


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