The beloved American rapper died reason on September 2018 at his home in Studio City, California:

Malcolm James McCormick, known to friends and fans as McMiller, was pronounced dead at his Studio City, California home at 11:51 p.m. He was only 26 years old.

His sudden and tragic death due to the poisoning of the mixed drugs was ruled at an accidental overdose, People confirmed at the time.

The McCormick family buried Miller in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fans in tears at Ariana Grande and Mac Miller's cute Instagram shots

It's been two years since rapper Mac Miller accidentally dropped out of a drug overdose.

Mac Miller Death Photos

The artist was best known for her chart-topping hits, but many also know her for her high-profile relationship with musician Ariana Grande, which began in 2016, a few years after they worked together.

Many dropped social media posts featuring their access after moving forward, but in this case, it didn’t prove to be true.

After they split in 2018, Grand posted Instagram photos and videos with his militia, showing that their connection is nothing but fleeting. Here are a few of the sweets on his grid.

After years of friendship, Grande and Miller confirmed their relationship on social media in September 2001.

However, Grande made it official on The Ellen DeGeneres show at the end of her month. From there the two publicly recorded their love.

After cutting paparazzi shots at the tabloids, Grande and Miller became publicly involved in their relationship.

Grande shared the picture above of them outside of the kiss. Miller and Grand’s first holiday season as a couple was an adorable one.

First, they went out together for Halloween 2016, after dressing up as young lead characters Sam and Suzy from the Welsh Anderson movie, Munirise Kingdom. They wore Pokemon EV and Pikachu costumes.

A few days after Thanksgiving, Grand Tare and Miller shared a video so they could spend the holiday together.

He posted with her a few more times the following month. And on Christmas Day 2016, he shared the photo above of Antler wearing a kiss to Miller.

On May 22, 2017, Grand starred in Manchester, England for her Dangerous Women tour.

As fans were leaving the concert, a bomb exploded, killing 22 people and injuring many more. Grand, devastated by the incident, stopped his tour, but later returned to the city for a benefit show.

One Love Manchester, the concert was held on June 4, 2017. Grand Grand brought with him many musical performances such as Miley Cyrus.

There, both supported his girlfriend and Miller acted. Together, they sang their hit song, “Way” and were seen hugging them on stage. Grand later shared a picture of her on her Instagram.

After Miller died, Grand shared a short video on his Instagram in which he spoke, but Grand kept the audio to himself, instead of sharing his smile with the world, 

He wrote in the caption, “Ever since I first met you when I was nineteen. I cherish you and I will always be.

Expressing his anger over the situation, Grand wrote, “You were my best friend. On top of something else for so long.

I'm so sorry I can't fix or take your pain. I wanted to. He is the most humble, sweetest soul ever with the deserving demons. I hope you are well now. Rest. "


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