Pierre Gasly Red Bull Winner:

There was a surprising winner at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza:

Pierre Gasly Red Bull prevailed in a race that was marked by bankruptcies, bad luck and breakdowns. Mercedes with serious mistakes, a disaster for Ferrari.

Pierre Gasly couldn't believe his luck. The Alpha Tauri driver secured victory in the Italian Grand Prix ahead of Carlos Sainz (McLaren) and Lance Stroll (Racing Point).

A trio that nobody would have expected before the race. "I can't believe all of this. Words fail me.

This team gave me the chance in Formula 1. I can only thank everyone," said the 24-year-old Frenchman. "This is absolute madness."

Gasly kept his nerve in the end, was able to defend himself against Sainz's attacks on the last lap and saved his narrow lead over the finish line.

This race also marked a historic milestone in Formula 1. 146 racing victories in a row previously went to either Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull, after seven and a half years Gasly has now ended this series of the big three.

A surprising outcome, which was mainly due to many mistakes and inadequacies of the competition.

Hamilton and Bottas with serious mistakes:

Because from the start, Lewis Hamilton drove away from the competition in his Mercedes car.

It could have been a classic start-to-finish victory for the Englishman, but the bizarre course of the race didn't allow that. Hamilton received a ten-second penalty for illegally entering the closed pit lane.

The reason:

Kevin Magnussen's Haas racing car had to be pushed into the pits after 20 laps because a defect made it impossible to continue driving.

The pit was then closed, which the Mercedes team apparently overlooked. The competition took advantage of this rare carelessness on the part of Mercedes.

In contrast to the 35-year-old, Hamilton's teammate Valtteri Bottas had major problems at the start and dropped to sixth place.

It would have been Bottas' big chance to win, which he screwed up with the messed upstart.

Vettel and Leclerc out early:

This Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari's 999th Formula 1 race, will go down in the history of the proud Italian racing team as a great disaster.

For the first time since 1984, no Ferrari driver was among the top ten in Monza at the start. Charles Leclerc started from 13th place, Sebastian Vettel even only from 17th place.

And the debacle should continue for both drivers. In lap seven it was over again for Vettel. A broken brake line ended his dreams.

"The rear brake line indicated a few laps beforehand. It was very hot," said Vettel. "It always gets worse. The situation is not easy for me, but also not for the whole team."

After 25 laps, the race was over for Leclerc. In the Parabolica, the 22-year-old Monegasse lost control of his car and sped almost unbraked into the tire wall on the side.

After the violent crash, Leclerc was able to independently leave his car and get to safety. "That was my mistake, I lost the car," Leclerc said later.

Also, Verstappen out:

This accident had far-reaching consequences: Afterwards, the race was stopped for almost half an hour so that the road could be cleaned and the planks restored.

At the restart on lap 28, Hamilton maintained the lead, but then immediately drove into the pits, served his penalty and then joined the field last. In the end, Hamilton ended up in seventh place after his race to catch up.

Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) took the lead in front of Carlos Sainz (McLaren) and Lance Stroll (Racing Point).

And not only Ferrari and Mercedes had a black day. Max Verstappen also had to park his Red Bull car after 31 laps due to a technical defect.

After that, the race calmed down. Nothing should change at the top - and the very unexpected outcome of the race remained.


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