New Mercedes s-class 2020:

Mercedes shows its new flagship in Sindelfingen For New Mercedes S-class 2020. In the past, the presentation of the S-Class was an automotive turning point.

Today, other manufacturers have long since achieved better status, as an innovation.  The CEO of Daimler AG plants the Mercedes star on the hood of the new S-Class.

It is the key scene of a 24-minute video with which the Swabian carmaker presented its new flagship to the public for the first time today: the 11th generation of the Mercedes S-Class.

The car is "the heart of the brand" and at the same time the "most progressive and intelligent Mercedes" so far, explained Källenius.

And it will be built in the most modern car factory in the world, the new "Factory 56" in Sindelfingen. The system was opened at the same time as the S-Class world premiere.

The completely digitized plant - a 730 million euro investment - is to be CO2-neutral from day one and the production of the S-Class will be 25 per cent more efficient than before.

Among others, Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and Steffen Bilder, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport, appeared at the opening.

Daimler puts new S-Class factory into operation:

In future, the Mercedes flagships are to be built in a fully networked and CO2-neutral factory with 5-G technology.

The hall is designed in such a way that, depending on demand, any other model from compact cars to SUVs can be integrated into ongoing production, it said. Daimler also wants “Factory 56” to be understood as a commitment to Germany as a location.

In total, the group is investing around 2.1 billion euros in the expansion of the Sindelfingen plant, where around 35,000 people work.

In the new S-Class factory alone, it should be around 1,500 in two shifts per day.


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