Movie Last Witch Hunter 2 sequel:

Vin Diesel was still dreaming of a sequel to his fantasy actioner The Last Witch Hunter. A sequel was already being planned before the first film hit theatres in 2015.

But after he didn't earn $ 150 million worldwide with a budget of around $ 90 million, the topic was actually over from an economic point of view and so I ended my article with the following statement: "The Last Witch Hunter 2, however, I consider excluded, independent of what Vin Diesel suggests. "

It looks like I could have been wrong because, in a later interview with Diesel on the occasion of his comic film Bloodshot, he confirmed that Lionsgate should have contacted him about the sequel and that it is being actively developed.

Diesel acknowledged that the first film didn't do as well at the box office as hoped, but that it still found audiences later:

The fact that The Last Witch Hunter 2 is actively being worked on doesn't mean the film will come, but it's still more than I expected.

During the corona lockdown, Diesel repeatedly referred to the film and even hinted with a posting that the script would be created during the quarantine. I have to say that all of these surprises me very much. 

If what I would think has become a much more popular film like Dredd cannot get a direct sequel due to its commercial failure, why should the Last Witch Hunter of all things, a film that five years later hardly crows, be continued.

Or has it somehow developed into a cult film without my noticing? I guess it's good news and a ray of hope for the fans, and they should be allowed to. I will believe it when Lionsgate officially announces the sequel.

Before Vin Diesel should return as a witch hunter Kaulder, he has three more sequels to his successful franchises in his diary.

Fast & Furious 10, which was originally supposed to be released next year, but will, of course, come later, is to round off the action series.

Also announced is xXx 4 with Diesel as an extreme athlete and secret agent Xander Cage. But I'm also most excited about Riddick 4: Furya, which Diesel will be filming again with director David Twohy. As long as the film is out, he can do The Last Witch Hunter 2, if you like.

'The Last Witch Hunter 2' is coming:

In addition to “Fast & Furious 9” and “Riddick 4”, Vin Diesel fans can not only hope for “xXx 4”, but also for a sequel to the fantasy actioner 'The Last Witch Hunter' - although Part 1 is pretty much at the box office went swimming.

In 2015, the $ 90 million “The Last Witch Hunter” grossed just 146.9 million dollars. If you then also take into account the budget for expenses such as advertising, there may not be too much left for the studio in the end. A continuation? Not really an issue under these circumstances.

Accordingly, surprisingly, the message came last March that "The Last Witch Hunter 2" was nevertheless already in progress. But how likely is it that the witch hunter will actually return to the screen?

It seems pretty absurd, but if lead actor and producer Vin Diesel ("Fast & Furious") himself takes over the announcement.


"The Last Witch Hunter," tells the story of Kaulder (Diesel), who is the last witch hunter of his kind to roam today's New York, freeing the city that never sleeps from dark, mystical creatures of all kinds - with support from his mentor, the so-called 36th Dolan (Michael Caine), his student (Elijah Wood) and the witch Chloe (Rose Leslie). It's not necessarily creative, but of course, there is plenty of scope for further films.

Vin Diesel, who is already known for making franchises out of his successful (or less successful) films, knows that too.

After “Fast & Furious”, “Riddick” and “Triple X”, “The Last Witch Hunter” now seems to be the next one in the starting blocks.

In an interview with Collider (we reported) on the occasion of the theatrical release of “Bloodshot” last spring, the action star let the cat out of the bag:

The action star has not yet shared any content-related details about the potential sequel. That it could go on was made pretty clear at the end of the first film ...


The end of "The Last Witch Hunter" was probably not kept open by chance: Because Chloe, who joins Kaulder at the end, and the 36th Dolan, who postpones his retirement a little longer, form together with the "last witch hunter" a new team - there are sure to be many exciting adventures out there in the world.

Incidentally, ProSieben is showing “The Last Witch Hunter” on September 18, 2020, at 8:15 pm (uncut, as FSK 12).


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