French Actress Romy Schneider honours By Google Doodle:

Romy Schneider would have turned 82 today. She died in Paris in 1982 at the age of 43. Google honours the movie star with a doodle.

The Franco-German actress Romy Schneider (1938-1982) would have celebrated her 82nd birthday today, Wednesday (September 23).

Rosemarie Magdalena Albach, who is only 1.61 meters tall and petite, began her career with the film "When the white lilac is blooming again", which was released in 1953.

The young Romy Schneider, her stage name, celebrated her early career-high point only a little later with the "Sissi" trilogy (1955, 1956, 1967), in which she can be seen as Empress Elisabeth (1837-1898).

Love and life in Paris:

The young actress refused to make a fourth "Sissi" film. Instead, when she was 20, she moved to Paris with the French actor Alain Delon (84).

They got engaged in 1959 and never married. Instead, a painful breakup followed in 1963.

In 1966 Romy Schneider married the Hamburg director and actor Harry Meyen (1924-1979). Son David Christopher Meyen (1966-1981) was born in Berlin.

In 1973 Schneider and Meyen separated, the divorce took place in 1975. At this point, she was already in a relationship with her French private secretary Daniel Biasini (born 1949).

The two married in 1975 and had a daughter Sarah Magdalena Biasini (43). The divorce took place in May 1981. The French film producer Laurent Pétin (71) became Schneider's last partner.

The great stroke of fate:

In July 1981 Romy Schneider's then 14-year-old son David had a fatal accident while climbing a fence with metal spikes in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, northwest of Paris.

The big stroke of the fate of her life. A few months later Romy Schneider also died on May 29, 1982, at the age of only 43 in Paris. The official cause of death: heart failure.


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