Trump has issued a final ultimatum On TikTok:

The TikTok and WeChat apps will soon be banned in the US. Millions of Chinese are hit hard because they no longer have a crucial means of communication in their homeland.

From Monday onwards it will no longer be possible to download the two apps TikTok and WeChat in the USA.

Anyone who has already installed it will no longer receive updates, according to the US Department of Commerce. The WeChat news platform will also only be usable to a very limited extent.

This does not apply to TikTok, said Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross at FoxBusiness. The basic version of the Tiktok app will remain intact until November 12, according to Ross.

Then this app could no longer be usable either. This could affect around 100 million users in the USA.

US President Trump's ultimatum On TikTok:

It doesn't have to come to that, however. President Trump had given the Chinese owner of TikTok, ByteDance, an ultimatum until Sunday to sell the app to US companies.

After Microsoft is no longer in the race, intensive negotiations with Oracle and Walmart are apparently at the moment.

Should an agreement be reached, which President Trump approves, the bans could be lifted again.

This week, however, the president was still very sceptical. No, he is not ready to sign anything yet, he said at a press conference.

The US President Said, "We want security, especially about what is going on in China".

Trump also renewed his idea this week that if TikTok were to be sold, a substantial sum should be diverted to the Treasury. After all, he argues, the sale was only brought about by the US government.

An Unacceptable Security Risk For TikTok:

The US government has been keeping an eye on the two apps for months. In their opinion, TikTok and WeChat collect large amounts of data from their users, including locations, search history and online activities.

Because the owners are obliged to work with the Chinese Communist Party, they pose an unacceptable risk to security, foreign policy and the economy of the United States, according to the Department of Commerce. ByteDance, however, denies passing on data.

The de facto ban on the WeChat platform affects roughly six million Chinese who live in the USA in particular. For them, WeChat is an important link to the family in China.

Other services like Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram are blocked by the Communist Party.

WeChat had an average of 19 million users a day in the past few months. The platform is also used to transfer money. This function is also restricted in the USA.


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