World-War-Z 2 Movie:

David Fincher was due to start filming a World War Z sequel last year that would have brought him together with his muse Brad Pitt for the fourth time after Seven, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The sequel to the very problematic in production (the entire third act had to be re-shot), extremely expensive with more than $ 200 million in the budget, but surprisingly successful at the box office and critically, had been almost six at the time Years in planning.

Once upon a time, J.A. Bayona directed the film but left the project after delays to instead shoot Jurassic World - The Fallen Kingdom, so the production of World War Z 2 had to be postponed several times.

Negotiations with Fincher went back and forth until he actually committed himself to the film, which would only have been the second sequel of his career after his debut Alien³.

But it shouldn't be. Jim Gianopulos, who took over as CEO of Paramount in 2017, found that too much time had passed since the first film and that the sequel was too financially risky, so the film was put on hold in 2019.

He is not entirely wrong. World War Z surprised the box office with nearly $ 540 million in 2013, but it was a clear case of "you should forge the iron while it's still hot".

Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, who run Brad Pitt's production company Plan B Entertainment and co-produced the first film, expressed their hope that they would be able to do the sequel one day earlier this year.

This is how Mireille Enos, who played the wife of Pitt's character in the first film, sees it. In the final theatrical version, her role wasn't particularly big, but it originally looked very different before large parts of the film were revised.

It had its own dramatic storyline in which Matthew Fox's character (only a few seconds to be seen in the final version of the film) would have played a role.

Although her part in the film was ultimately much shorter than planned, she should return in Fincher's sequel, as the actress has now revealed in a podcast conversation with Variety. She continues to hope that the second film will eventually be made: (from English)

You shouldn't have high hopes, however. World War Z was a hit, but not a cult film that suddenly got a sequel after ten or fifteen years. I'm afraid the train for that has left.

Which doesn't mean that Max Brooks' ingenious model won't one day be adapted as a new film or series, but I wouldn't expect a direct sequel with Brad Pitt?

On the other hand, we're getting Zack Snyder's version of Justice League soon, and Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are returning as Batmans again, so I guess you should never say never.

The theme of World-War-Z 2 Movie:

A global zombie outbreak has spread to multiple metropolitan areas around the world. Those who have been bitten by animals become zombies in a matter of seconds, according to David Fincher's director.


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