Epic Games is making the battle for Fortnite epic:

Apple and Google threw Fortnite out of the app stores. Epic Games is fighting back with a pop culture trailer.

Just hours after Epic Games released a new version of Fortnite, Apple and Google removed the action game from their app stores.

The obvious reason: For the first time, players could buy in-game extras using a payment method called "direct payment to Epic".

The payment systems from Apple and Google were also available, but the prices there were more expensive.

If the customers, therefore, decided to pay Epic directly, Apple and Google no longer received a commission - that's 30 per cent after all.

Epic Games is prepared for Fortnite's expulsion from the app stores. The development studio immediately took legal action.

This is to force Apple and Google to offer the action game as a download again or to make it accessible in some other way within their ecosystem - without Epic Games having to pay the high commissions.

If an out-of-court settlement is not reached, it will be a long and fundamental legal battle.

There are currently investigations into the same matter in the USA: Apple CEO Tim Cook was only questioned before the antitrust committee of the US House of Representatives at the end of July 2020.

At the same time, Epic Games is trying to convince the public of its point of view. The company has put a trailer on the Internet, with which it alludes to the literary classic 1984.

On the other hand, the trailer picks up on a legendary advertising clip from Apple, with which the company advertised during the broadcast of the Super Bowl in 1984 that its computers gave users a lot of freedom; the director was Ridley Scott.

In the satire of Epic Games, characters from Fortnite appear who fight a regime led by a figure in the shape of an apple head.

The message: Players and Epic should jointly take action against the rule of Apple (and Google).

So far, Apple has only commented on this in public: In the USA, the company sent its customers an email saying: "Every day new games appear for the app store. Seize the new opportunities to win."

Incidentally, Epic Games is not acting alone: ​​Spotify - a direct competitor of Apple's music streaming - supported the game developer via Twitter and called Apple's business practices "unfair".


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