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After two weeks, some "Celebrity Big Brother" stars were able to receive greetings from the outside world. Some may have wondered why none of Kathy Kelly's siblings said anything.

You know about the jungle camp. At some point, it will be time for greetings from loved ones. Bee "Celebrity Big Brother" This was only available to the stars in the castle - not as letters at the campfire, but in video form.

Kathy Kelly was greeted by her best friend Desiree Nick and her son. However, none of her famous siblings answered.

Sascha Heyna received a message from his partner, his mother-in-law, his team and a group of neighbours. "Sascha, you rock that. We miss you," was the message.

The moderator had tears in his eyes afterwards. Ex-"Prince Charming" candidate Aaron Königs received a similar number of short videos.

For reality stars Emmy Russ there was only one clip. In it, they greeted their sister, a friend and their dogs.

Youtuber Udo Bönstrup became friends, and Ramin Abtin became his best friends and "The Biggest Loser" colleague Christine Theiss. Everyone was very happy.

Riotous greetings from Désirée Nick:

Also, with Kathy Kelly. "You will do great, although I miss you very much, I wish you a lot of fun," said her best friend Katja. Sean, the singer's son, also wished them a lot of fun.

Désirée Nick also contacted Kathy: “I'm a big fan of yours. I want you to win and get the prize money because then we can finally go shopping together in London.

Greetings from her siblings with whom they are with Kelly Family There was no standing or standing on stage.

Also about the friendship between Kathy and La Nick:

But as soon as it became known that Kathy Kelly was moving to the "Celebrity Big Brother" container, it was said that her siblings were not particularly enthusiastic.

Kathy Kelly hadn't told Angelo, Jimmy, John or Michael Patrick about her participation. Only her son knew about it. Her siblings heard about this through the media when Kelly told "Topnews43" before moving in.

By the way, a new Kathy song was released on Friday. In this regard, Sister Patricia Kelly expressed her pride on Instagram. "I love your sister, I'm proud of you," she wrote on a photo of the album cover.

There was also silence regarding Kathy's "Celebrity Big Brother" entry on the respective social media profiles of the musician family.

Short Bio Singer Kathy Kelly:

Kathy Ann Kelly is a singer, songwriter and producer. Born in Leominster, Massachusetts, USA, he is the third child of the Kelly Family, a multi-generational pop music group that succeeded in Europe in the 1990s. She was born on March 6, 1963 (age 57 years)


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