Sci-fi Action The Darkest Minds:

The sci-fi drama "The Darkest Minds" is an adaptation of a fairly popular novel. What many do not know: The story is part of a whole series and in theory, more films could follow!

The premise of "The Darkest Minds - The Survivors" could not be darker: Shortly almost all teenagers and children in the USA will die and no one can explain why.

The few young people who survive develop powerful, psychic powers that enable them to manipulate people or read minds.

But instead of celebrating the survivors, the children are locked up and declared a threat. 16-year-old Ruby (Amandla Stenberg) manages to escape and, together with other young people, tries to find a place where they are protected.

Of course, they also have to find out what actually happened and why the adults suddenly became their enemies.

On August 22, 2020, the film by director Jennifer Yuh Nelson ("Kung Fu Panda 2") will be shown at 8:15 pm on ProSieben. We have good news for everyone who wants even more young adult dystopias afterwards:

So far a sequel to “The Darkest Minds” has not been announced, but the matter is not completely excluded, even if the first part was not necessarily a huge success.

And even if there isn't another movie, there is still an opportunity to learn more about Ruby and her friends. There are three more books!

The "Darkest Minds" series by author Alexandra Bracken consists of four books, the last part *, which was only published in 2019, has not yet been translated into German.

The film "The Darkest Minds - The Survivors" is suitable as an introduction to the Young Adult series. If you want more afterwards, you should take a look at the books that are available from Amazon, among others.


The second novel in the series is titled “Fearless Love” and that's exactly what it's about. Ruby is still fighting for himself and her kind in the so-called Children's League against the adults and the government.

In doing so, however, her great love Liam is in danger. The teenager has information that is of paramount importance to the League and a threat to the government.

To save Liam, Ruby needs to get these documents. But she has manipulated her lover for her protection and he no longer recognizes her. So why should Liam help her?


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