New iphone 12 release date-features-design:

As is always the case a few weeks before the release of a new iPhone, rumours have spread from all angles about the iPhone 12.

One of the most on-again / off-again rumours involves a massive upgrade to a phone's display - and a famous Apple Liquor thinks we can get the good news.

iphone 12 features:

With huge battery and camera upgrades (we do not doubt that the iPhone 12 will join our list of the best camera phones), the iPhone 12 will have a 120hz promotion display spanning several months - as well as rumours that it has won.

But Apple Liquor Zone Processor (below) has told fans not to give up the idea yet.

iphone 12 design:

A 120hz display rate allows for super-smooth scrolling and animations. The only Apple device featuring this screen technology is the 2020 iPad Pro - a brilliant device for searching for speed at the speed of animators and video editors.

While this may seem like a luxury for the smartphone, the iPhone 12 already looks like a true portable powerhouse for creatives, with the addition of a promotional display with unlimited battery

And processor performance, the iPhone 12 can be a small but powerful tool for digital artists on the go.

In subsequent tweets, Prosser told followers that its sources say the iPhone 12 model's technology effectively,

Although he was "not sure if it would launch" - suggesting that the feature could be enabled with future iOS updates.

Apple times reports users are looking for an option to limit the frame rate to 60hz in the latest iOS 14 beta.

While all current iPhones are only capable of 60hz, the future iPhone may be capable of a smoother frame rate.

iphone 12 release date:

Although Apple has acknowledged that the iPhone 12 will arrive a few weeks later than planned, we hope it won't take us long to wait to find out exactly what stores have it.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Apple Back to School sales themselves for a rare deal directly from the company.


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