German Comedian Fips Asmussen Died:

The comedian Fips Asmussen is dead. The native of Hamburg died at the age of 82 on Sunday in hospital, as his partner in Querfurt in Saxony-Anhalt confirmed.

Comedian Fips AsmussenOld school humour painter:

Asmussen, whose real name is Rainer Pries, saw himself as a humour painter all his life. Someone who has to work hard every time to be successful: timing, speed, interaction with the audience.

In 2009 he said on the NDR Talk Show: "If I come on stage today, something will happen." Not everyone can laugh at Asmussen's jokes. Women, gays and foreigners are often the targets of his staccato salvos.

Fips Asmussen Have a great time in Hamburg:

Everything in Asmussen's career wasn't always joking. He learned typesetter, then went into advertising. At the end of the 1960s, he had his own pub in Hamburg-Hohenfelde.

In the "Violette Onion", he did "literary cabaret" with a microphone behind the counter, sang chansons by Friedrich Hollaender and read poems by Tucholsky and Kästner.

"It was a great time," he once summed up. Even if this life exhausted him: To be the solo entertainer every night, often until 5 a.m. Four years later, the man from Hamburg switched to telling jokes - live and on cassette.


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