News American Singer Katy Perry New Album 'Smile' and Born:

American singer and Song Writer Katy Perry New album "Smile" Songs for Orlando Bloom and Her Daughter.

A baby and a new album, Behind the new mother Katy Perry, lies a very special week. On her new work "Smile" she sings for her fiancé Orlando Bloom and her just-born daughter.

The new mother Katy Perry (35) is currently doing very quickly:

While her fans have been wondering in recent weeks whether the album or her daughter would see the light of day first, the singer creates facts - on Thursday (27.

She announced the birth of her daughter, Daisy Dove, on Friday (August 28th) her new album "Smile" will be released.

The entire album is my journey back to the light - with stories about resilience, hope and love," the singer wrote in advance on Instagram.

The new songs are bursting with joy and confidence - in stark contrast to the time between their current album and the previous "Witness" (2017), which was marked by depression and doubts.

Even if Katy Perry presents herself as a clown on her new album "Smile", not everything has been going well for the singer in the last few years. "I just crashed," she said in June on the radio show "q on CBC".

Her career rose sharply, but the confirmation she received in her music influenced her less positively than before.

There was also the temporary separation from her then-boyfriend and now fiancé Orlando Bloom (43).

Singer Katy Perry has her smile back:

Katy Perry can look forward to her new album and her newborn daughter as well as an imminent wedding to Bloom.

The singer dedicated some of the songs on "Smile" to her two people who are close to her heart. "Never Really Over" seems to refer to the on-off relationship between Bloom and Perry.

"My head keeps pulling me back / I thought it was over, but I think it was never really over," read a few lines in the lyrics.

Declaration of love to Orlando Bloom:

A motorcycle ride with Orlando Bloom in Hawaii inspired the singer to write the song "Harleys in Hawaii".

In an interview on The Zach Sang Show, Katy Perry said, "To sit on the back of a motorcycle in Hawaii and feel the wind on your face is so beautiful."

She whispered in her fiancé's ear that she would write a song called "Harleys in Hawaii". "And I just did it. It just popped into my head," she said.

Songs for daughter Daisy Dove:

The song "Daisies" was released as a single before the album was released. As early as May, Perry's fans rumoured that Bloom and the singer could name their daughter Daisy.

With that, they hit the mark. The lyrics refer to an English nursery rhyme. In the original it reads: "Sticks and stones may break my bones / But words will never hurt me". The saying is used against bullying.

The last track on the album is also dedicated to her daughter. In an interview with the radio station, Energy Perry said in June that "What Makes A Woman" describes a hope that she also has for her child. 

"She can change whenever she wants. She can wear anything she wants and find out what suits her." The song is "important to me and important to her".


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