News American actor Chadwick Boseman Death:

Black Panther was the role of his life:

American Actor Chadwick Boseman became known to a large audience as the black superhero in the Marvel comic book adaptation. The US actor has now died at the age of 43.

It rarely happens that a comic book adaptation has such a cultural impact. But the film "Black Panther" and King T'Challah from Wakanda, played by Chadwick Boseman, were more than just popcorn cinema.

They influenced black Americans, made them proud, said Boseman in an interview with talk show host Trevor Noah: "We didn't know it would have that influence. We knew it was important to see a black superhero."

In 2018, the Marvel comic book adaptation came to the cinemas and showed the secret land of Wakanda in Africa with proud warriors and highly developed technology.

Wakanda had become an idea of ​​excellence and hope, said Boseman in an interview with "The Upcoming": "It has become a cultural image, it shows pride.

Sometimes you see fictional things in the film that later inspire real life and that only exist because of a movie. "

The film's symbolism was also captured at the Black Lives Matter protests. Black Panther and Wakanda represent the pride and strength of black people.

Hollywood mourns for Chadwick Boseman Die:

For Actor Chadwick Boseman, the comic hero Black Panther in a black costume was the most important role in his life.

The South Carolina-born Boseman had previously portrayed heroes such as basketball player Jackie Robinson. He has received several awards for the role of King T'Challah.

The fact that Boseman died at the age of only 43 caused horror in Hollywood. Oscar Academy spoke of an immeasurable loss, actress Halle Berry described Boseman as an incredible talent, fellow actor Mark Ruffalo said it was an honour to have worked with him.

Chadwick Boseman's Fight against cancer:

During chemotherapy and operations, Boseman still made films, it said in a message on his Twitter account.

For four years he had been fighting colon cancer. The hallmark of the warriors from Wakanda is the greeting with crossed arms on the chest.

Talk show host Noah received him and joked that he would be greeted like this for the rest of his life. Surely Boseman will be bid farewell to his fans like this.


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