US Attorney General Jeff Sessions Expecting To Lose:

Former United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to lose the bid to return to the Alabama Senate seat.

US Attorney General Jeff SessionsJeff Sessions will not regain his old Alabama U.S. Senate seat this year.

The former U.S. attorney general lost to a first-time political candidate and former college football coach Tommy Tuberville in the state's Republican runoff election for the seat.

Tuberville, backed by President Trump in the GOP matchup, stood in front of the Alabama State Primary sessions in March, but decided to a runoff on Tuesday, failing to secure protection in most votes.

The former Auburn University football coach will now face Democratic impeachment Sen. Doug Jones in November.

Jeff Sessions was an early supporter of Trump's President Bid and later served as the president's attorney general until he was ousted in the fall of 2018.

The session faced long-term criticism from the president for withdrawing from the investigation of special adviser Robert Mailer on Russian election interference.

Sessions said he was bound by law to recover himself. Trump continued the session, calling the sessions a "disaster" and loudly backing Tuberville for the seat.

In a recent ad, Tuberville highlighted the Trump administration's inaugural session, saying "there weren't enough people to stand with President Trump when the situation got tough."

In addition to securing Trump support, Tuberville gave the session more than 10 10 million out. Lacking political experience, he faced attacks from the Tuberville Sessions campaign. 

As NPR's Debbie Elliott reports, the former coach "faced scrutiny for his role in a hedge fund that deceived investors, and Sessions criticized him for living in Florida before returning to Alabama for the Sessions election."

In anticipation of the general election, Zone seats in the Senate may be the most difficult for Democrats to win.

Jones narrowly defeated Roy Moore in a 201 special election on charges of sexual harassment against Moore and involvement in controversial relationships with underage women.

Jones was the first Alabama Democrat to be elected to the United States Senate since 1997. According to Cook's political report, this rival is expected to lean towards the Republicans.


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