Production company Netflix stock:

As it turns out, there are limits to Netflix as well.

Shares of streaming video giant are investing less after hours on Thursday, signalling that the company's COVID-19-driven growth is coming to an end.

Netflix added 10.1 million new subscribers to its 5.5 million forecasts in the June quarter, released on Thursday, but Wall Street estimates fell to more than 12 million.

Netflix is ​​forecasting only 2.5 million net additions in the September quarter, falling short of analysts' expectations.

Netflix (Ticker: NFLX) added 15 million net new subscribers in the March quarter, with Guidance at the top of seven million.

In the second quarter, Netflix earned. 6.15 billion, up 24.9% from a year earlier and slightly ahead of Wall.07 billion Wall Street analysts.

The profit was $ 1.59 a share, falling below the sens value of 1.81 shares, mainly due to a pair of op-operative items.

Netflix has earned 1.04 billion in net cash in the quarter, with 99,899 million free cash flows as part of its low-content development activities due to the Quad-11 epidemic.

The consolidated EBITDA (income before interest, taxes, depreciation and deductions) was 1.49 billion.

(Before the epidemic, the company worked regularly for regular net cash, free cash flow, and Abida Adjusted Red.) The average revenue per user, excluding foreign currency, increased by five per cent.

The company said the lower-than-earnings per share reflected an $ 11 million non-cash loss related to the foreign exchange measurement of Euro-recognized debt and 220 million non-cash valuation allowance for deferred tax assets with changes and R&D tax. California law on credits.

For the September quarter, Netflix reported earnings of .. 6.3 billion, up 20.6% from a year earlier, with a share price of 2.09; Which corresponds to Street with Street 6.39 billion and 2 billion in shares.

Netflix, meanwhile, has announced that Ted Sarandos will be co-CEO, along with Reed Hastings as a chief content officer. The agency also hired Greg Peters as chief product officer, in addition to the chief operating officer.

Reed Hastings said in a call with analysts that the changes he has made today do not mean he is stepping down from his leadership role. Hastings says he plans to stay in his current position for the rest of the decade.

Netflix says it is slowly resuming production in many parts of the world. It is the farthest in Asia in Europe, the company said and has reproduced in many places, including Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The progress of the United States of America was slow. production to move this quarter, the current transition trend has created more uncertainty for our products in the United States.

The agency added that "some parts of the world, such as India and Latin America, are even more challenging," with plans to relaunch in those regions later in the year.

Netflix said it expects cash flow for the full year of 2020 to compensate for the break-even loss of 1 billion at least at a break compared to earlier forecasts.

For 2021, the company will again see negative cash flow, but below the $ 3.3 billion levels reported in 2019.


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