Fellow mourners mourn the death of legendary artist Charlie Daniels:

He was a native musician and southern rock icon who entertained fans for decades with "Long-haired country boy," "America" ​​and his signature fiddle tune "The Devil Down to Georgia."

Charlie Daniels talks about passing after a hemorrhagic stroke on Monday morning (July 6th). He died not far from Mountain's home at Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, Tennessee.

Juliet, about 20 minutes out of Nashville. He was well-liked by his community and was escorted by police from the hospital to the funeral home.

Passing by the procession, fans gathered to bid farewell to the legendary artist.

On his 83rd birthday last October, Daniels rarely matched his strength, enthusiasm or instrumental skills when performing for a live audience.

He still mesmerized the crowd by playing his quick-fire fiddle on "The Devil Down to Georgia" and any other song he played whether he was playing fiddle or acoustic or electric guitar.

After his death, the co-artists shared their thoughts and memories. Today we have lost our dear friend Charlie Daniel after learning that my heart is broken like millions of others. ”

Charlie Pride recalled how the two supported each other. “I will miss my friend and colleague Charlie Daniel, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

He was one of the most honest and truly beautiful people in the business. I will miss our discussion. "

A close friend, Doug grey-daniels of The Marshall Tucker band, expressed his grief for Hazel and his wife, Charlie Jr.: “This is a sad day for a gentleman in the South. A gentle-spoken godly man. A man I have known for 50 years. 

Ronnie Millsap said, “Charlie Daniels started the fire in the south. He blurs the line between rock and country when rock doesn’t think the country was cool, and his volunteer jams weren’t just legends, they brought people from both worlds together.

He was a patriot, a proud American, a world-class musician, an incredible showman, as well as a great father, husband, grandfather and friend. "

The singer, Brenda Lee, called him a great American. “He loved his God, he loved his family and he loved his country. And we all love him! "

Daniels, who was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, began his musical career but gained notoriety in 1979 for "The Devil Wants Down to Georgia."

Last year, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the song, he explained Daniel in a strange contest between the famous Devil and Johnny when he recorded it, he wanted the devil's part to stand dark and ugly, so he used multiple anuses.

Daniels was a devout Christian, a devout American, and a strong supporter of the United States military.

She has performed on numerous USO shows around the world and created The Journey Home Project in 2014 (along with her manager, David Curley) to help with the experience in a variety of ways.


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