Benjamin Keough, son of Lisa Mary Presley and grandson of Elvis, has died:

Benjamin Storm Keough, the 227-year-old son of Lisa Mary Presley and grandson of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, was found dead Sunday in Calbas, California.

Roger Vidinovsky, Lisa Marie Presley's manager, confirmed the death in a statement and said Lisa Marie was "out of the wreckage" at the time of her death.

"He's completely heartbreaking, unbreakable and devastating beyond but trying to stand up for his 11-year-old twin and his elderly daughter Riley. He loved that boy.

He was the love of his life," Wisinski said. (Lisa Mary and her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, are the fathers of twin girls, Harper and Finlay)

According to celebrity news site TMZ, Kef's death was an "apparent suicide" after being shot by a suicide bomber, but the cause of death could not be confirmed by official sources as of Sunday evening.

A musician who signed a 175 million recording contract with Universal when he was 17 but did not release any music commercially, Tampa-born Benjamin Keough is the younger brother of 31-year-old actress Riley Keough American honey.

Benjamin and Riley are the children of Lisa Mary and musician Danny Kef, who married in 1988 and divorced in 1994.

Benjamin Keough visited Memphis in the past with members of his famous family. On January 7, 2010, Riley and Benjamin Keough cut a five-tiered birthday cake during a rally in Graceland in recognition of the 35th anniversary of Alice's birth, with temperatures and snowfall dropping lightly as teenagers.

In 2009, he negotiated his recording contract with the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “Music will be nothing like Elvis, nothing like her,” he said.

Nonetheless, Benjamin Keough has largely avoided the spotlight, as fans on social media in recent years have expressed much interest in his resemblance to his world-famous grandfather.

When he appeared on the news, it was usually related to his family. For example, as a child in 2002, his mother married actor Nicholas Cage when he was staying at the Mauna Lane Bay Hotel and Bungalow on the Big Island of Hawaii.


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