California coronavirus Update:

California coronavirus, New Mexico and Oregon Impose New Restrictions on Internal Activities.

Three states on Monday restored restrictions on the coronavirus epidemic, initially on the trend of a dramatic rise in cases across the country and within their borders.

At least two states have taken re-election measures to restart the business or reduce the spread of the virus.

Citing a growing number, the governors of California and New Mexico - who have already taken some steps - have re-imposed food bans.

In Oregon, where the number of lawsuits has recently increased, the governor increased the rules on face masks to include outdoor gatherings where social distance cannot be maintained.

In California, Govt. When Gavin News ordered the community to shut down many internal activities, he noted the positive events in community transmission and the increase in the rate of instances.

Newsom said restaurants should close dining rooms, indoor wineries, tasting rooms, movie theatres, family entertainment centres, zoos and museums. Those services can be offered in outdoor areas. Bars must stop all operations.

The California Department of Public Health reported 8,358 new cases and 23 new deaths Monday. A total of 329,162 cases and 7,040 deaths have been reported in the state.

According to the governor, hospital admissions for Covid-19 have increased by 26% in two weeks.
California is one of about three dozen states where cases are on the rise, and it's not the only step aimed at tackling the coronavirus.

Governor of New Mexico. Michelle Luzon Grisham has imposed new restrictions on indoor seating at restaurants and breweries, her office said in a statement.

Indoor dining in restaurants was allowed with restrictions from 1 June but is now prohibited. The breweries were allowed to keep customers inside until June 15.

The facilities allow outsiders to seat at 50% of their capacity.

In the past two weeks, the state has seen 3,099 new positive cases of Covid-19, representing 20.2% of the total positive cases across the state, according to the governor's office.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced that indoor gatherings, such as birthday parties or dinner parties, would be limited to 10 or fewer people. Faith-based events, gyms and restaurants are on the discount list under the governor's order.

Florida has more than 27,000 new cases in two days

Florida health officials released a surprising record of new cases in a single day on Sunday: 15,300. If Florida were a country, it would be the fourth-highest in reporting new cases.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the state ranks tenth on the list of countries in most cases.
At least 12,343 cases have been added to the state since Sunday, according to the Florida Department of Health.

At least 35 states are seeing an increase in new cases compared to the previous week, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. has recorded 3.3 million cases of coronavirus since the epidemic began, meaning that about 1 in every 100 Americans tested positive for Covid-19. At least 135,524 Americans died.

Worldwide, 13 million people tested positive for the virus.

Local and state leaders in the United States say new lawsuits in recent weeks have largely been handled by Americans who have repeatedly decided to resume rallies and outings.

In many states, the average age of new diseases has gone down, with more young people trying positive tests since the onset of the epidemic.

Growing numbers in the United States may just be the beginning of the iceberg, as experts have often highlighted that the infection could be about 10 times higher than reported, as many remain unpublished.

To reduce the increase in cases, many states now have orders for certain types of masks in the required places.

But many officials and residents have been wary of the backlash, and some governors have stayed away from statewide mask orders, including Florida.

People need to follow the rules For COVID-19:

Americans need to follow the rules of social distance and wearing masks, which are necessary for the public in the city of Miami, the mayor said.

“If they don’t follow the rules, things continue as they are,” he said.

Miami Mayor says officials at the local, state and national levels need to have a consistent message.

“Many decisions have been left in the hands of local officials which should probably have been made at the federal and state levels,” he said.

The number of cases is on the rise as the White House seeks to discredit Dr Anthony Fauci, the government's top infectious disease specialist, for becoming increasingly vocal about his concerns about the reopening of the country during the national inauguration in the Carnavirus case.

The steps to stop Fauci came just days after he gave a rhetorical view of his relationship with President Donald Trump, discussing the fact that they had not spoken in weeks.


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