The United States Senator Romani marches in protest of Floyd to make people realize that black life is important:

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney held a rally in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, protesting the death of George Floyd at the break of other GOP members who allied behind the nationwide unrest in response to President Donald Trump's military.

United States Senator Romney told a Washington Post reporter that he was taking part in the protest "to make sure people value black life."

The Utah senator later tweeted a picture of himself in protest, with the headline "Black Lives Matter," becoming a prominent GOP figure for doing it.

An aide to Romney said the senator had not commented further on his participation, and that he did not intend to publicize his march.

Romney's words during the march, recorded in a Washington Post video, are what he wants to say at the moment, the assistant said.

The aide said joining the evangelistic group was "spontaneous", adding that Romney was in DC and intended to travel on Sunday.

He arrived across a group of one thousand to one thousand five hundred missionaries from the DC area near the Capitol and joined their march for an hour and a half, associates added.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

Trump declared himself "your law-abiding president" as peaceful protesters spread gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets just outside the gate of the White House, after which Trump visited a nearby church.

He stayed in the boarded-up building for a few minutes before returning to the White House.

The episode came after nearly a week of nationwide protests that led to occasional violence in the killing of 46-year-old African-American Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis.

Romney, who marched with a large group of Christians across Pennsylvania Avenue, told the Post he was taking part in the protest to raise awareness "to end violence and atrocities.

Mitt Romney's protest is just one of the latest examples of controversy in his disputed relationship with Trump - growing tensions during the presidential impeachment trial by the Senate after the Utah Republican broke the vote with the party to convict him of abuse of power.

The president responded to his impeachment vote by attacking Romney as a "failed presidential candidate.


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