Fictional superhero Miles Morales coming to PS5 this year:

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the 2018 PS4-exclusive sequel to Spider-Man, officially running on PS5, Sony has announced at its PlayStation 5 gameplay event.

A teaser trailer shows the first look of the upcoming sequel. Miles Morales appeared as the evolving character in the developing Spider-Man of the Insomniac Games, but the character - best known for his spider-man glamour in Marvel's Ultimate universe comics and animated Spider-Man: Spider-verse Setup.

Gameplay for Spider-Man was not seen much in the Golden Declaration: Miles Morales the teaser trailer featured new skills such as Miles Morales' electric poisoning and scattering weather and new features such as daylight cycles, which did not appear in the original game.

The original Spider-Man on the PS4 has been used by Sony repeatedly in demos to showcase possible load times and level design improvements with the new, faster SSD on the PlayStation 5 so it will be very interesting to see what is possible with a game that keeps that kind of speed in mind. Was made leaving.


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