Irish Mixed Martial Artist Connor McGregor has retired from professional fighting:

Connor retires from McGregor's professional fight, raising a 'serious problem' with UFC's 'most profitable stars'. Connor McGregor says he has now retired from professional fighting.

The Irish fighter set a deadline for his announcement at the appropriate moment.

It arrived just minutes after the UFC 250 event in Las Vegas, with many MMA fans watching high-demand broadcasts at the closed-door UFC-owned Apex facility.

Connor McGregor should follow his retirement plan, but he ended his career with a win, losing to Donald Cerrone in 40 seconds with a shoulder injury, a head kick and a ground-and-pound at UFC 246 in Las Vegas.

It was Connor McGregor's first win since Floyd Mayweather in the 2017 Boxing Rules competition and Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229 the following year.

 professional fighter Connor McGregor has previously tweeted retirement announcements:

Retirement announcements on social media are nothing new for Connor McGregor. In 201 In, he said he decided to "retire young" and "thank you for the cheese."

The announcement came a month after he lost to UFC 196 Nate Diaz, yet Connor McGregor returned in the summer to beat Diaz in a rematch of UFC 202.

He then fought again in November of this year, losing to Eddie Alvarez to claim the UFC Lightweight Championship.

Connor McGregor tweeted his second retirement in 2019 to focus on business ventures like his proper no. Twelve whiskey brands.

The same day, the New York Times published a story that the fighter was “under investigation for sexual abuse in Ireland.

Connor McGregor denied the allegations and told reporters before his next fight the following year, "Friends, I did nothing wrong here."

This could be a power-play to force the UFC to raise the salaries of fighters:

Last year, the former two-time UFC champion said he wanted to fight three times in 2020. Earlier this year Cerron Joy was considered the first of the three boundaries he wanted.

Although the coronavirus epidemic has shut down the UFC's war calendar, he is sending Dana White to tell the UFC president that he wants to compete on the secret island of the so-called "Fight Island".

Since then, Athletic has published a survey that shows 77% of MMA fighters say the UFC does not pay its athletes properly.

MMA website Bloody Elbow reported earlier this year that fighter compensation rates ranged from 14% to 17% since 2012.

By comparison, ESPN reports that the NFL player’s share of revenue will not fall below 47% in 2020 or 48% in 2021. Athletes at MMA seem to be aware of this, reporters say.

Jim Edwards, the only reporter for Fighters Magazine, said that a pattern is emerging among the UFC's most notable fighters now seeking to make more money.

Damon Martin of MMA Fighting said the UFC now has a "serious problem". "Connor McGregor has retired.

John Jones has threatened to undo his [UFC title] belt. Georgie has asked Masvidal to be released.

It's not clear if Connor McGregor will take his retirement announcement, but if he does, he will leave the game as the best-selling UFC fighter of all time with a record of 22 wins (19 knockouts, 1 deposit), and 2 losses.


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